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Gears 5: Causal Edition

When you get exposed 2 days after your release . I’ve been saying this for the longest, the Gears of old is dead, rather it be for better or for worst.

The same level of craftsmanship that was in the original trilogy is gone and guess what…it’s never coming back.

This is why people still yearn for Cliff B to return to Gears, it’s has vision, its his child. Because he, along with his original team new EXACTLY what made Gears…GEARS.

I’ll be making more post regarding my opinion on Gears 5. Are the graphics good, yes, better than Gears 4, but people are hyping this game up as some technical marvel and I for one, just can not see it. And I’m playing on PC for Christ sake. But that’s besides the point, thing is, Gears 5 isn’t really even a Gears game and when comparing it to Gear 4, which was kinda decent despite the MANY issues in that game, it kinda shows…

Heck, Crowbat could’ve made the same video with Gears 4 in all honesty.

But Gears 5, yea, all you hardcore gears fans, sad to say but this game, from a multiplayer standpoint, wasn’t made with me or you in mind. It was for the
Fortnite players of the world, the overwatch players, etc etc

1 step forward, 3 steps back…


I’ve heard a few people call the game a technical achievement, i’m hoping their just referring to the graphics/rendering as functionally it is definitely not

Also just watched the video, seeing those old clips of making Gears 2, very nostalgic


I guess it’s a choice between buggy glitchy laggy gameplay or a noobified game


Sad game. Microsoft should change developer. Give this back to Cliff already and let him fix this mess.


The versus multiplayer is so casuazlied. They no longer have the game within the game that we loved in Gears. Now, the combat is just hop on and play.

There is no dynamic in the game. No satisfying feeling like in the past.


Yeah and back in the days during launch of GoW2 & 3 it was the same complaining how Cliffy and co killed Gears…


Cliff wasn’t the only reason gears was good, in fact he wanted some things that would have made the game worse. TC is made up of a lot of the old gears devs.


this game is a faulty, buggy and horrible mess, at this point, having Cliff back at the table will only improve. He founded it, he at least listened to his people because as long as he ran it, the Gears game were good. Chapter closed.

Bit of a stretch to say it will only improve with him, his past 2 games flopped and he has left the game dev scene. He has also said he likes gears 5.

This launch is BAD there is no question, but don’t just assume it’s because TC are bad devs, it’s possible they were made to rush to meet deadlines.


You are same kind of person that complained to and about Cliffy B. when he was with franchise and in charge of same.
Plus of course harrassing guy on Twitter 24/7 for smallest issues regarding Gow2 and GoW3.

Guy retired with hundreds of milions of dollars on his account because he didn’t want to put up with constant s*it from people that never even coded one line in their life and NOW … NOW you want him back ! ! !



Mate, they bought Cliff off cheap, his Net worth is 16 Mio $. He could have sacked in more but no idea what they had ok him to keep the money so low.

Cliff B wasnt the founder of Epic, he didnt solely create Gears by himself and he wasnt the only one to get paid for selling the game to Microsoft.

People need to stop saying Cliff needs to return.


Read my post of stopping power an OP rifles, thats what killed gears.

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Cliff made the best maps for Unreal and he was the leader during Gears 1-3 and the games were perfect, all of the 3. It all went to ■■■■ after, yes, he needs to return.

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Every Gears game had its problems none of them were perfect. Gears 3 had a ton of things that people didnt like. For example the sawed off, the retro, the stopping power. Jump off the dudes d*ck. Also stop acting like he was the only person to work on Gears games. There were 100’s


Dude, you all had a grudge with him because he did not accept the primitive way you guys dealt with him on social media so he lowered himself to the standards of the primitives. He was the CEO and decision maker when the best Gears game were made. Stop being jealous of him, TC has no chance getting anywhere close to him and his team.

Epic’s communication was even worse, because they weren’t listenig to criticism at all. It took them over three years to take out the ink grenade stun. And after that they did judgment which absolutely nobody, I mean nobody in the gears community asked for. They thought they eliminated the sponging by implementing a always visible reticle!

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He was never the CEO and decision maker at Epic that has always been Tim Sweeny.


Yep. This is the most casual multiplayer since Judgement. It’s not playable right now.


I am 110% with you on this and the sad part is all the people defending Gears 5 are the people who were awful at every other Gears. They blindly defend this new trash cause they don’t know what made the originals so good. Hell even Gears 4 feels more Gears than this pathetic excuse for a game known as Gears 5. It truthfully seems TC has decided it’s cool to spit in the face of the fans that kept Gears alive to give us this hot mess that is Gears 5. They’re catering to new players and streamers aswell as Esports lancer scrubs with this new installment of Gears of War. They gave us Gears Judgment 2.0 with the release of Gears 5 and nobody cares cause all the noobs love it. The noobs are eating it up saying it’s so good give it a chance it’ll get better. Lancer fest hit markers less gnasher shots cause they basically made the gnasher into the sawed off theres no skill I’m using the gnasher anymore they gave us slow clunky wall bouncing when compared to Gears 4 or even 3 you can see enemy placed grenades through walls who the hell wanted to be able to see enemy bases through walls? Noobs. Why am I even a fan still? That’s what I ask myself when I play Gears 5 online.