Gears 5 captures not uploading to game dvr or xclips?


Neither my gears 5 video clips nor the screen shots are going to or… No problems with Gears 4 content…

Any ideas?


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Yeah I have the same problem. Been meaning to report it to TC

Omen, the only reason why @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l can’t upload his is because he tries to post his 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th place videos. Basically he needs quality MVP clips and Git Gud but it’s rather hard for him to do so.

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hahah, ok… But I did have some MVP screenshots which aren’t uploading… Wait, does it have to be ranked? easy coop counts, right? :slight_smile:

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Well the whole game is just one huge bug fest, it will get fixed…eventually.

Not even my 6th place screenies will save. Something is def wrong Tony.
What is a MVP?

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I thought it was only me, I hit the craziest reaction shot and almost cried when i went to watch the replay and it wasn’t there :frowning:

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Is that a GAME problem, or an XBOX problem?

Ohh, and my 4K clips don’t work, when viewing them video just zips them at 10x speed, so if I want to record anything I have to play at 1440p/120Hz (which isn’t bad, the 4K I can only do at 60Hz)…

Sorry man you are asking the wrong dude lol I would like to think it’s an Xbox Live/Microsoft issue.

I am still having this problem… No useful ideas/solutions that anyone can offer?

Sadly no.
It is weird though, It worked briefly. I went into XboxClips and saw all my vids and screenshots. I came back a few minutes later, and they were gone

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Still hit or miss. Does anyone respond to forum queries? Whats the point in coming here

I don’t have a solution. I upload to onedrive, download to my laptop/pc, then upload to youtube…

Easiest way to download for me, chrome in desktop mode, signin to xbox, view xbox live profile, open captures menu. From the video play screen there is a download button.

Xbox DVR had some kind of banner asking us to contact XBL support but i couldnt be bothered once i found a work around