Gears 5 campaign trailer

At the beginning after she falls through some hole,the Berserker can be seen up close with i’ts red eyes and grabbing Kait.
I think it’s Raam.

I kinda doubt it is him unless someone or something fished him out of that Imulsion lake before the Lightmass bomb went off and somehow put him into stasis or something to keep alive. I think it’s more likely to be this Berserker, but we’ll see once we actually play the game ourselves anyway.

Though I still wonder if people still think Kait’s going to turn even with her being shown getting picked back up by Baird(it was Baird, right?) and Marcus.

Yes it was Baird.I think it will get complicated,this trailer shows Kait being determined to destroy the Swarm/Locust.
But the whole game is presented like Kait will have hard decisions to make.So i think she will do something against the humans,cause she seems very emotionally unstable to me.
Not the way she was in Gears 4 .

Well, Gears 5s description has this thing about her finding she’s a threat to Sera… but that doesn’t specify whether she is a threat against the COG, the Swarm or everything. Though yes, I wouldn’t exactly describe putting a gun to your friends’ head because you don’t know who you can trust as “emotionally stable”… although I’m not sure if mentally stable wouldn’t fit better in this context.

Though it seems like Baird’s brought the Hammer back(the short scene with multiple Swarmaks after Cole pulls that epic move with the bot shows what looks like a Hammer beam), so that’s a plus.

In last years trailer she said she has this dreams,nightmares that drive her crazy.
So such things happening to her are not good for her mental health.
And also like JD said in the same trailer:“What if it’s not her choice?”

She seems to have kept her focus on… you know, staying human, pretty well, considering that she does return with Marcus and Baird fairly willingly and answers his question to whether she found what she was looking for fairly normally. We don’t know what this… device she put herself into did to her or showed her. Maybe it stopped those visions, or showed her how she could put a stop to them. By killing whatever she said they have to kill.

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The dead trees in the red desert kind of look like petrified Lambent Stalks. Anyone else wondering if the jagged “obsidian” material we see later is the same stuff?

I’m 100% certain that the “RAAM” is just a flashback of the Swarm Berserker’s early days, when it was first created/awakened in that green tank. If you look you can even see tiny teeth protruding from its cheeks, just like on the Swarm Berserker (which I hope gets a better name than “Swarmzerker”).

Also, I’m pretty certain that the Berserker in the green tank is a bigger, spikier, more armored version of the Swarm Berserkers we see in Horde footage.

Jace, Dizzy, Dizzy’s daughters, new Carmines plus Clayton, the return of a 70-year-old Paduk… hot diggety dang this has my hyping.

Also, Kait’s visions show what’s either the inside of a living Riftworm, or flashbacks to the inside of a dead Riftworm, or… Well, you can see lots of Swarm tendrils inside it. Which tells me this is probably the new Riftworm-Graboid Swarm monster. And the Swarm Berserker might just be riding inside of it. Organic headquarters?

So… we’re going inside another organic hell? I don’t see how else this Swarm monster could possibly be killed. Just shooting or throwing explosives down its throat like with a Leviathan would be a little boring, relatively speaking, of a way to bring it down. This would be some idea for a final fight. Killing this up armored Swarm Berserker near the heart of the creature and then killing it from there.

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kait using secret device in new hope facility ( jameson depot) to conncet swarm hive to find answers ( only the choosen one or queen relatives can connect i guess )

this tanker contains berserker is not something new , we knew from comic book (rise of raam ) locust going through this process.

this time we going to see all these process 0 to 100% in game , this is so exciting.


Just watched a couple of breakdown videos and have to say the campaign looks like it could be epic. Definitely the highlight of the several mode “reveals” we have had so far. :+1::+1:

Matron. Monarch. Archon.

I’d go with “Arkhein” or “Archon,” personally. The former is the Greek word for a ruler, and the latter is the Anglicization of the word. It also means a demonic entity that rules people and lands.

I can kind of forgive The Coalition for using the name “Swarmak,” because the word “Brumak” was completely original and very cool. I’m still not sure what it was based on. But… still. They should have just kept calling them “Brumaks.”

So I will be disappointed if the new Berserkers are called “Swarmzerkers.”

(also, super-elite Drones that wear bio-grown armor could, one day, earn a title like “Varanguard,” because “Varangs” were the Vikings/Varangians who served as bodyguards to the Byzantine leaders)

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How about NEWMaks? I will see myself out.


You scare me more than the Locust did.

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That is not classic rock …but damn am I starting to show my age :cry::joy::rofl:

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Who hurt you so bad as a child?

Its the toll from living a hard life.

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I will throw back a couple beers for you when I get home this morning…see day drinking now that is proof of a hard life :beer::beers::beer::beers:

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I cant wait!!! so many references to gears 2…this is gonna be epic!!!

See my dad says it isn’t but my friends and myself do, and it may be more alt/90als, but the specific song they used, if you didn’t know the artist sounds like classic rock however, gave me that vibe.

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