Gears 5 campaign trailer

Awesome Trailer, i like the song but not for this trailer.

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Excellent ,Thank you Op for the video,Cannot wait to play the campaign,:sunglasses:

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According to my buddy who’s a hardcore NIN fan she says that NIN is classic rock, I see no point in arguing that.

If the dedicated fans say it so, then it is so.

Color Blast is amazing, that’s just a fact because all the dedicated fans know it’s true.

Looks good ! Why they didnt show this on E3 ?

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How often do we hear music like the one in Campaign when compared to the music choice in escape trailer with Lil John? Hardly ever

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Pretty good trailer and I thought the music fit just because it’s showing Kait’s struggle with not giving up control of herself to the horde. Not to mention just the song is good in general. Makes me want to play the capaign for the story. Still got to get on reading the book.


Yeah. I’m not a fan of the music in itself, but lyrically they fit the bill.

Onyx Guard, Clay Carmine, Padduk, new COG soldiers, and all the characters returning for a large scale conflict. My expectations are through the roof!


freaking awesome!!!

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I’m hoping we also get a cameo from Jace and Dizzy!


It was a joke from blades of glory

So is Raam making a comeback? Seen him for a split second at 1:36

This is the berserker creature in the tank from the beginning of the trailer.

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I wonder if this is a new Rift Worm

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Raam is super dead


I’ve heard some viable scenarios that would put him back in the story alive and well. But yeah, probably not gonna happen.

I don’t think so brother!Berserker shown has red eyes.

What else would it be? That greeen stuff looks like the fluid around the Berserker shown in the vision, and I don’t remember a Berserker in Gears 1(UE, as that’s what I played the Campaign in) having red eyes.

Not to mention that this face looks very similar to one shown in a trailer about Kait’s nightmares, from 2018… in the exact same way. Zoomed in on the eyes. Only then, people thought it was RAAM.

Dude just pause the trailer here and there and compare the Berserker shown outside tank with this picture.
When he is close to Kait and grabs her.

Er… I never saw anything grab Kait? And if you think you know what this is then if not that Berserker in the tank, enlighten us.