Gears 5 Campaign Total Letdown IMO **spoilers

Where to start.

This games story mode had amazing potential. However, the direction it was taken left it with an extremely unfulfilled, bitter taste in my mouth. The ending felt empty. It left much to be desired.

The choice to kill either Del or JD was terrible, especially since we have no idea which death will be canon going forward. So ill leave that be.

My real issue with the game was the progression of Kaits narrative. Throughout nearly the entire game she is having “violent” visions of leading the swarm/locust and becoming part of the hive. They really screwed up by not making Kait a future villain for the series.

I felt as if the whole story was leading me to Kait turning to the dark side and becoming the new swarm/locust queen. Something similar to Darth Vader originally being a jedi. To me it just made sense. Instead, the entire story fell flat after killing off Del or JD, with no real point. We only see the queen once briefly, and there was not a clear enemy I was after it seemed.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the exploration either but I’m still up in the air about that.

The story did have some good moments and memorable battles but not capitalizing on Kait and what seemed to be her destiny was a huge misstep in my eyes.


Pretty much my thoughts as well. Might’ve been better saving the matriarch fight for the end, seeing her control another few times would’ve been sick.

They could have made 2 games worth of story out of Kait’s arc tbh, was an interesting concept.

Story aside though, the new open world, Jackbot upgrades etc were welcome changes IMO.

I did not have problem with at all. To me the point of campaign was to figure out if she would be villain or not but I can see how if you made up your mind before hand, why that would lead to disappointment. I do agree the kill choice was unnecessary and TC should’ve picked one and while not a huge issue I do think Kait having Vision and such maybe until the end of Act 3 would’ve been better and saving the Matriarch then. I am not to sure what you mean by “not a clear enemy I was after”. I am assuming you mean like a main villain? If so that was not really the story here, it was more about the internal struggles of the characters and the characters getting along.

Exploration seems to have a divide between players and critics a like. I again personally really liked it. While yes it can be improved upon IMO, I did enjoy the exploration but the map was not too big or filled with too many side things to slow down the story.

I think having Jack was awesome and all that but killing JD or Del? Talk about a massive letdown. Game also felt short and sadly didn’t compare to older gears campaigns.

Story was awesome


It would have been extremely out of character for Kait to become a villain. She is just not the kind of person. She has no personal connection to the Locust (I mean emotionally that is). She doesn’t know her grandmother and she is generally, while sometimes very emotional, a human, that cares a lot for the people around her. You see that with the outsiders side mission. She is willing to branch of the path to look after people, delaying her search for the origin of her nightmares. Kait is selfless and would never hurt innocents. Only way she’d start becoming the Swarm queen, would have been if Myrrah would have taken over. And that wouldn’t be Kait anymore, just Myrrah in Kaits body.

Now JD on the other hand! I Actually thought, that JD would become villainous towards the end. I haven’t played the JD lives version yet, but I think that might still happen, if JD makes it into Gears 6. I though that he became very militaristic and cold-blooded. I even had theories, that towards the end, he would take over the COG in a military coup and become a dictator. Or that he would order HoD strikes in civilian territory and stuff. But as said, if they go for Canon routes, than JD might end up that way in Gears 6 after losing Del.

As for the choice thing, I don’t believe they will just choose a Canon route. I think we will have something like the new Wolfenstein games in Gears 6. Two timelines. I guess that Gears 6 will start with Kait reliving the moment or dreaming it (like Wolfenstein 2 starts with the decision made in The new order). Or they will go a mass effect like open world route, which I would not want for Gears. I guess they will more likely go the wolfenstein way, so that you will have two different campaigns. If they make it properly, it, could increase replay value. But honestly, I def. Prefer a linear Canon for Gears. I personally hope they will just make one of them Canon. I like wolfenstein but I want Gears to be linear. It also makes future comics and books kinda complicated if we are honest. I mean, they will either have to stop making books based on the, squad or decide what is Canon.


The last two chapters… The queen showed up, with tentacules!? You got to make a choice. Use the hammer on the city & « lets kill her ». The End
Look like the end of Gears 2, you found the queen, destroy the city…
I have nothing against all previous act but yeah the ending was empty/poor

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Ive not made much progress because of the amount of time Ive wasted trying to stop GPU crashes and other glitches requiring reboots driver reinstalls etc plus time spent looking for collectibles so Ive now only reached the end of Act 2 and of course being rubbish I cant beat the boss

But I cant see why this Campaign is rated highly. Compared with Metro Exodus I got much more involved with that story and that game is a more genuinely "open world " - areas dont get closed off - this is 2019 after all

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Calling it now, come Gears 6 Kait reluctantly chooses to become a good-willing queen because ‘There must always be a swarm Queen’ (think starcraft/icc).
I also agree that having to pick between JD and Del was VERY cheap, especially the way you are made to make the choice. It wasn’t even a case of ‘go to X to save JD, go to Y to save Del’, which would’ve been much more engaging. But the main problem is having to pick between two of the younger cast members, one of which was the previous game’s protagonist. I mean as much as I enjoyed Del’s character development, besides the scenes where he shows off how educated and tech savy he is, for most of the game his lines are STILL played for comic relief. Del is basically a replacement for Baird. Imagine if you were playing Gears 3 as Dom and you had to make a choice between saving Marcus and Baird, how ridiculous would that be?! I’m sure there are plenty of people that would/will choose Del/Baird over JD/Marcus, but even then the choice would still feel cheap.
You mean to tell me old heads like Carmine or Cole go through all the ■■■■ they go through without so much as a missing limb, yet one of the younger cast gets killed off because a head executive liked an artificial choice in Bioshock Infinite? Call me bummed out.


Agreed, they should not have killed one of the younger heroes. I think if they planned on killing someone, it should have been from the older cast. Cole for example

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I suppose they could still be building up to Kait crossing over in gears 6. I understand it’s not in her character to be evil but that is EXACTLY why it should happen.

Her visions should have kept getting worse n worse until she couldn’t control herself and started killing off the cog. I think someone like cole or C. Carmine should have gone out in this one.

I’d like to learn more about JD and his arm. Del is kind of useless since we haven’t learned a bunch about him.

I just feel there were so many quality directions they could have taken the story and totally dropped the ball on it.

OK so the difficulty spike at the end of Act 2 was too much for me - both in skill and in being bothered - so I dropped the difficulty to Beginner so I could win boss fight and continue campaign .
Beginner was maybe too easy so perhaps there’s a lack of testing / polish here.
That achievement is down at 23% - half the people doing Act 1 have dropped out by the end of Act 2.

I had that same issue.

The free roam exploration was interesting and a nice change of pace. Personally woulda liked an APC instead of a skiff but oh well.

The choose who dies bit though was very… underwhelming. Did not have the same emotional impact as to losing Dom , Tai, or hell Ben Carmine.

I do agree with OP in hoping Kait was gonna go Swarm Queen on us or something. I was hoping she was then we have to be JD or Del and try and take her out. That would have been an interesting twist and ending.