Gears 5 campaign theorys

So gears 5 is coming out soon and we have alot of info about the game and what not but I’ve not heard much about the story mode area. Like I’ve not.seen any theorys about whas going on and what people think is gonna happen
So I’d like to hear what some people believe gears 5 will be about maybe

I’m sure there are threads pertaining to the campaign and theories. In fact, I am sure there were threads before they even thought about showing the trailer recently. I’m just gonna play and that’s it.


I’m just wondering what could happen since its not as straight forward as the first trilogy which was pretty much shoot a load of things and kill whatever’s in your way till you get to the gadget thats supposed to end the war for good

But this time it’s not like that it’s much different if you get me ?

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