Gears 5 campaign story cinematic

Upd: sry, was already posted earlier :slight_smile:

Looks cool, liking it so far.

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Holy crap, thanks for sharing this. It looks like Gears 5 is going to take place over a huge window of time.

Where did you find this btw?

Yea, also seems like we are actually gonna play as JD which is awesome. It’s from the Gears panel at E3.

Watching this at work so I don’t have the volume up but I am guessing that is JD from his voice since you said you might play at JD?

Yes, it’s him.

Man, Kait looks totally different and I did not think that was JD. I know they got older but by how many years you think?

I think it’s more of an aesthetic change rather than getting older. Basically the graphics are more detailed. AFAIK it’s been half a year? Correct me if I’m wrong, since gears 4, assuming this cinematic is early in the game, which it seems to be based off of their armor and overall looks.

Possible but even then if it’s the graphics, man oh man.

Excellent, I like him already. Reminds me of Gaz from Modern Warfare. Good to have an English accent in the game, here’s hoping for a Scottish one :sweat_smile:

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I am glad that some people can’t tell that he has an English accent. Saw way too many people say he was Aussie after last years E3 trailer.

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I know it’s crazy, you can clearly tell right away! A lot of people these days know very little outside their own country :joy:


The skin around their eyes and foreheads shows signs of sleep deprivation and long periods of stress. Deoxygenation, tiny temp scars from shrapnel and storms, some wind chapping. And the scar where Marcus broke JD’s nose has healed a lot.

It’s been at least a few months. But probably less than a whole year.

Their armor is only lightly weathered around the edges. Mainly where the wind and high-speed grit would scour.