Gears 5 campaign speculation(war is a bad word it all about being progressive)

Kait gets rainbow highlights and gets married to Del with JD as the best man, oscar finaly comes out of the closet, baird gets addicted to producing and taking pain meds , the deebees join the #metoo movement ,then Marcus blows his head off with a diamond gnasher because he just can’t TAKE IT!

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It’s not that war is a bad word or anything but it’s just that this game isn’t really about a war with anybody.

If anything JD looks like he turned into a superhuman, Del relatively stayed the same, & Kait is just looking for answers as to what happened after 4.

Deebees are infected by the swarm & Baird I doubt is gonna have any major role in this one seeing as Delta squad is retired & really have no place in this story (excluding Marcus)

I feel story will remain true and not go full pc. Story means alot to a game. We saw what it does to star wars

The trolling is strong with you huh