Gears 5 Campaign Skif/Openworld?

I’m gonna start by saying that I am a Gears vet before I get flamed.

I have done one play through of the campaign on launch week, I do admit that the campaign itself is ok and does have its good moments. But I don’t find myself enjoying the “open” world using the SKIF.

I can respect the change of pace and the shake up to the original formula that TC implemented, they have OK side missions and small things to do here and there in the world. But it doesn’t really amaze to me.

The world that they thrown me in feels so BIG, but empty? Mount Kadar had some great fan service but I was hoping for more, I mean its where the locust had a stronghold and where the COG attacked the Locust. I was expecting old rigs to be everywhere with old ruins of the war, not just an empty plane with Ice everywhere. with how huge the areas are I was expecting more things to do or even to see, I’m really bummed out with how empty it feels sometimes.

The Sand areas in my opinion have more things to do and see, it still kinda feels empty but not as bad as the Ice levels, I’m happy that TC explored more into the UIR. Props to them for that.

The idea of the Skif is good one, they just need more things to do or less of the fetching quests. I had a hard time staying awake riding around the empty planes of the world.

The aspect of returning to the old roots of the locust was the best thing about this game for me, they can really flesh out the story and characters . I’m hoping maybe we can return to the old caves of the hollow and see different enemies and maybe even Sera’s animals/monsters. (Giant Worm?) Please for the love of the COG bring back some old weapons, The mortar was super fun to play with. Maybe even the Boomshield. Maybe not for versus but at least give us more variety in PVE.

What are your opinions? Let me know.

That’s All, Thanks for Reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I mean, you’ll get flamed because you just said you are a Gears vet so…However, I still think they should’ve added some skiff fights while roaming around and going from A to B. Would’ve made it better than just the lackluster Hey we need to go and find things and talk while skiffing.


People get flamed on here for far less… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes I agree. The “open world” sections were very poorly done. Just empty spaces which form part of your commute from A to B (with a few collectibles left around); and then you have to pass an invisible ticket booth in order to enter the fight arenas.

They should have added some randomised enemy spawns (or even some scripted ones) in the open world areas, added some human NPCs to interact with etc. But as it is, it’s even more dead, gormless and uninteresting than Fallout 76.


The open world segments seem like something that was tacked on near the end of production without much thought given to it. So empty and devoid of, well, anything. It was poorly done. If TC are trying something like this in their next project, I hope they actually put a little more effort into filling the world.


I found myself waking up many times to a controller buzzing in my hand as a skif is either grinding against a wall or I wake up just spinning in circles. It took me forever to complete those chapters because I couldn’t stay awake through them.

If my mind isn’t actively engaged it’s lights out time. Same reason I seldom watch TV\movies.

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