Gears 5 campaign problems

I finished the gears 5 campaign playing it all the way through in a day but when I go back it says I didn’t do any of the chapters in the middle of the campaign? Anybody have an answer to this?

just wait for the tuesday launch patch honestly. i’ve been playing the campaign very piece-meal because i’ve encountered a couple of bugs and glitches while playing. hoping i don’t get spoiled on the plot while i wait, because i’m actually hella invested lol.

I feel like it’s a good campaign but a little rushed in some areas. I won’t spoil anything for you though

24hrs + hours into the insane co-op, just finished it credits rolling after many hours of re connection to party and servers dropping during cut scenes, says I’m missing 5 chapters and only have 50% done. This is probably the worst release of a gears game i have ever encountered. They dropped the ball on this one.