Gears 5 Campaign on Insane as 3 man Co-op is AWFUL

Jack dies in 1 bullet and has to hide, so basically one of your friends can’t play unless you count, “hiding and giving ammo” playing. $70… for that?

The units simply have MORE heath and MORE damage, the difficulty doesn’t change. So you just spend hours in cover shooting when enemies are reloading. There are ways to make a game harder and keep it fun, look at halo legendary. More elites, smart AI etc.

Gears 5 has one of the worst insane campaigns I have played of all the gears games.


Can’t you beef up Jack’s attributes?

Doesn’t make a blind bit of difference, The whole of act 1 we all have tried it and the only play is “hide”

Lol wow

Gears 3 is the worst insane, imo. That one is the worst.

It’s a Gears game on insane. All of them virtually play the same. Hide, shoot, reload.

I’d also argue that Halo is probably not the best example to use but I get what you mean.

Like @Circa_Darkrage said–Gears 3 was the worst Insane mode. In my experience ammo was scarce and we had to count our shots until we finally gave up in Act 4. However, after spending most of this afternoon on just the end of Act 2, I’d say Gears 5 Insane is as brutal, if not worse than Gears 3.