Gears 5 - Campaign - non working achievements

Hey guys
I’m playing in Gears 5’s campaign in first time and I witnessed unhappy error with some achievements - Gimme Gimme Gimme (Use Jack’s Fetch ability to acquire each Heavy Weapon in Campaign ) and Relics of the past (Kill an enemy with every Relic Weapon in Campaign). They stopped progressing and that makes me very sad. Is it ok and it’s just bug (while progress is count) or it stopped? I don’t know what to do, other achievements is still working good. They worked too but then something happened with them and they don’t update

I’ve noticed a lot of them today are not tracking correctly

Like 10 mins ago “Gimme gimme gimme” achievement was updated to 80% when I picked 4th, but “relics of the past” is still stucked at 11% when I made a murder out of two different relicts, while rn I did 4 kills from 4 different relicts and it’s still 11% :angry:

It is possibly a bug, but you could try a reset and see if the game updates the achievements after starting it again. I know some VS achievements have stopped tracking altogether and TC is aware and working on a fix, but heard nothing about campaign achievements.