Gears 5 Campaign No Achievement

Just beat Gears 5 on Insane and no achievement says I’m 60% done but when I go to select chapters it says I beat them all on insane so it’s not like checkpoints were messed up. This is honestly ridiculous. This campaign was 20x harder just because of bugs and constantly restarting chapters but I stuck it through and dont even get this. Mad af I worked for this I’ve never seen so many bugs in a game in my life


Sorry to hear :frowning: I just beat it on intermediate myself, and had not received the achievement, “The true threat to to sera”. I can’t imagine insane, but yeah I had several problems throughout my play-through. I found most frustrating was the game’s lack of tracking on my collectibles/components. Multiplayer seems to be still giving me error code 0x00000c46 as well after the update. Not to mention at launch for the “4 days” earlier the servers for Xbox went down.

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Had the same problem, fixed it. Here’s how:
Check under “stats” your campaign… err, stats. Check which acts and chapters are marked as completed on Insane. For me, for example, Act 3 part 1 wasn’t checked, although I played through the whole game on Insane the first time, so I couldn’t possibly miss that. So I completed that part again on Insane, and then the achievement popped for me, “All aboard the Crazy Train”. I still don’t have the any difficulty achievement, though… x’D
Hope it helps!

Same here but on intermediate went into my stats didn’t record the completion of ANY chapter of Act1 or 2 even though played whole way through and watched all the credits. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Come on @the-coalition that’s rough.

Don’t worry the same thing happened to me, the achievement was just delayed (I think).

I had a similar problem except I finished Act 1 Chapter 1 on Hardcore, and finished the remaining Acts and Chapters on Intermediate. I thought that was why I didn’t get the achievement, so I went back and completed Act 1 Chapter 1 on Intermediate. Still didn’t get it. However I woke up the next day loaded gears and got it.

So I don’t know if it was because of what I did, but I’m sure it was just delayed

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Mine did not pop either. The funny thing with all this mess, is that Microsoft published it. I cannot understand why this happens. There’s so many checks too go through before a game is being able to be realesed. And achievements is one of them. Connection for that matter aswell. It’s like they released a pc game on consoles.

Here’s hoping