Gears 5 campaign moments

In my opinion the story in gears 5 was amazing,everything was handled tremendously. I want to know what was your favorite moments and what could have been explored more as far as story goes.

(Positive answers please, I love this game and know it has flaws)

Thank you fellow Gearheads

What I want to be explored the most? Well… two things. First, to have the months between Act 1 and 2 covered. There’s a lot they can do with that there with the characters. Not just JD and Fahz but also Kait(and possibly Del). I mean, why should we not know how she went about transitioning from the Outsiders to the COG, and convincing the other Outsider villages to also join them? And there’s also the effect or whatever you wanna call it that the military would have had on her, plus the war itself, even if it doesn’t really kick off until Settlement 2 is attacked.

Two, the gap between Act 2 and 3. There must’ve been some serious stuff going on for JD and Fahz to basically do a 180 in terms of behavior/personality(in some regards for Fahz, anyway) in the few days or weeks between the Acts.

Favorite moment? Well, seeing as I liked pretty much all of it I’m finding it hard to pick any one moment in it. But fun things were the Swarmak punching delivered by the Cole Train and his mech himself, and everyone shoving past the Onyx Guard after Jinn tried to arrest Kait for her ridiculous/crazy idea to get her linked back up with the Swarm network.

Edit : The ending, or at least the part where you tell Marcus JD is dead(and when he dies if you chose him) still gets to me. Don’t think it ever won’t. But there’s just a few moments like this, like the scene Kait finding answers to her Locust relation. Ones that feel so… well, they just get to you.


“Two, the gap between Act 2 and 3. There must’ve been some serious stuff going on for JD and Fahz to basically do a 180 in terms of behavior/personality(in some regards for Fahz, anyway) in the few days or weeks between the Acts.”


My favorite part would probably have to be the battle between Kait/Del and the Matriarch. That was pretty cool.


Pro tip: Lizzie (aka Big Momma) doesn’t die if you skip the cutscene or refuse to progress with the story

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I hope there is some story DLC that covers some of the missions they were on together and shows them as characters changing. It was mentioned briefly that they worked together alot after JD recovered. The change in character does seem quite jarring. JD is at least explained by the HOD incident and the injuries and being in a coma, but it would be nice to see it first hand.

Are you referring specifically to JD and Fahz here or new characters generally? It’s not just JD who went through some changes in that time period(some dialogue between Kait and Del in Act 2 seems to indicate not even they are sure why he is acting that way now, if it’s guilt or something else, or a combination of guilt and other factors). Kait too, who’s pretty much completely changed her outfit from what she was wearing in Act 1 and all of Gears 4 to something more… revealing, let’s say, but also personality wise changed somewhat. Not completely but some more obvious changes coming from “exposure” to the military, amongst other things.

Yeah JD and Fahz. Kait and Del mention them at some point - in Act 2 maybe? It’d be nice to see what happened “on the other side”, so to speak. Fahz in particular seemed like he had a personality transplant in that space of time. Maybe an exploration of his uber pro-COG views? It was mentioned that he was born in Ephyra, so maybe his parents were Vasgarian refugees from the time the UIR occupied their homeland? That would explain alot.

To be fair, besides Settlement 2, I didn’t feel like we got a whole lot of the pro-COG views of Fahz. Otherwise, I could’ve likened him to Minh, but maybe on a less extreme level. But we don’t really know enough about him yet, so I can’t really do that. My favorite interaction with other characters is when Kait jokingly says “God you’re such an a-hole(, Fahz)” and he replies by saying “Stop falling in love with me”(more or less) in a similar tone.

Perhaps the focus of anything detailing the time gaps should be on Fahz and JD but I’d still prefer to see both sides seeing as they could still build on Kait if they wanted to(and I think they should, since there’s some opportunities to do things with her character in the months between Act 1 and 2 as well).

The evolution of JD that become interesting character

More than kait, she is no brain

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