Gears 5 campaign is the Worst ever

After the fixes. This game is so trash. I spend countless hours and restarted because the game itself fails me. Terrible sequences and being a skilled player isn’t how you beat the game. Just call on Jack oh ur out of jack. Ur screwed. This needs to be address and now. Ita been over a year my character won’t jump certain walls then does. Melee when it should assassinate. Cover system is out of place and terrible (doesn’t matter control scheme). Us if you re map the button system don’t work for campaign so I have to switch back and forth during play. This is terrible tc* you guys need to get ir together. Ruining the best game ever made for the Xbox with ur not so innovated ideas and lack of work progression. I believe in you. But stop focusing all on multiplayer. Fix the damn story play.

This must be the first rant about campaign I really don’t even understand what OP actually wants to point out exactly.

In my eyes Incon is the only difficulty that actually can be broken in regards to a softlock + Jack progression not carrying over resulting in another possible softlock.

I’ve had no issues with the geometry of the map in any other circumstances. Covers are working as intended.

Is it too hard - add easy modifiers.
Is it too easy - add difficult modifiers.

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Can someone throw this into a translator?

So story wise it’s fine?

I agree that they messed up big time with the controller scheme, anything other than default and you’ll be rage quitting in no time, more so on insane.

As for being skilled on campaign? you can’t hide from the AI nor feign a left and go right play, it doesn’t work that way. Jack is there because they designed it that way, it is impossible to do it without Jack saving your ■■■ every 5 minutes because TC wanted it that way, I see nothing wrong with that.