Gears 5 Campaign Graphic Issues? PC

Hey all! Gears 5 is amazing and I am currently on Act 3 Chapter 2! My question is has anyone else playing through campaign on their PC experience the graphics getting turned into a short of cell-shaded graphics/textures? I noticed this going into Act 3 and Kait, Del, the environment looks borderlandish! It appears very cell shaded! I am not a fan of this and im not sure if its my PC or how the level was designed…or am I just going crazy?

My specs are as follows
i5-9600k Coffee Lake 2.90 GHz
Nvidia Geforce 1660 GTX TI
8gb ram
Video Memory 6144 MB

My setting are high/medium. Would love to know if its the game or is my pc struggling or its how the levels are meant to be seen? Thanks for the help, gears!

Same, apparently many people are having this problem even with good hardware to run the game with. Hopefully they find a fix of some sort.