Gears 5 campaign ending revise

I’m not feeling the choose which one of the characters to kill that you have just started to warm up to vibe. It was pretty dark and props to the dramatic story scenario it was well written but I felt like both characters still had alot to offer. Del seems like he is the new generations Baird he is tech savvy but he is also very loyal and compassionate. Jd I think I didn’t like as much personality wise but I feel like he just has so much to still live up to, he has potential and ending him so soon felt like a story cut in half he is a fenix and he got cut out of the picture in the 5th game which was confusing because he was the main character in the fourth. I just feel like I personally would be much more enthusiastic in purchasing and playing through the 6th games campaign knowing that thee characters would both be there for some screen time I mean the war against the swarm just started in the 5th campaign these guys need more time for to participate in this … end note please consider an dlc revised campaign ending where I can just throw the knife in the squid ladies thyroid gland to repel her an drop both my buddies also end note not to confuse this suggestions motive as a disgruntled fan who thought the ending wasnt well thought out it was well done and did what I think it ment to do emotionally, but although I acknowledge and give props to this story telling never the less I still ask TC as a fan to consider toying with the idea of a alternate ending dlc thank you kindly.