Gears 5 campaign discussion (spoilers and its very long form)

So I’ve been thinking about gears 5 campaign ever since I completed it back when the game first came out and I thought it’d be nice to have a discussion with peeps about especially since the next dev stream coming up. But I wanna hear peeps thoughts on the campaign as a whole. Gameplay story and characters.

Overall I don’t really like the gears 5 story it feels wholly underwhelming. The pay off from the campaign is not really there and it feels the ending itself is a gimmick to make the game have “different endings”. The fact that one of the main characters die doesn’t make sense to me because one of the two characters has no depth or actual lore (del) and the other one is still going through their character arc and has much more to grow off off (jd). Semantics of who should be saved aside I don’t feel like this was the right call to have a main character death in gears 5. Personally I wasn’t really invested in the characters as they were pretty basic and chose who to live based off of how the other characters would feel and also who I personally liked. Either way whoever you chose just felt dirty to me as essentially the person who you didn’t save would lose a character arc and the characters really needed that as they were shallow to me and I wasn’t invested in them like I was with original delta squad.

TLDR OF THIS SECTION IS: I think the last choice of the campaign was dumb and was a gimmick. It shouldn’t have existed as I feel like the characters should have grown more as characters before one was killed off. Personally jd and del were very barebones characters to me.

I also feel that the campaign itself was short in regards to what progressed with the series. Basically all that happens is that you learn more in depth about how the locust was made (basically going more in depth than gears 2 did) then you set up the hammer of dawn kill a big kraken a big berserker awaken reyna then the game ends. The older games had way more happen in a game by game basis. Gears 1 u killed raam and set off the lightmass bomb. Gears 2 u flooded jacinto and killed skorge. Gears 3 you killed the queen whilst also bringing doms arc to an end and launching the final assault on the locust. It feels like it would take up to gears 8 until we got a satisfying ending to the franchise.

The campaign gameplay I feel was OK. It was same old same old and I’m fine with it. Only bad thing id say was the jack system I get why it’s there and it’s not too bad of a thing. However I don’t feel like it should be in gears as it takes away from my own personal gears feel of what a gears game should be. I’d say this is more of a personal bias point.

Parroting my earlier point I want to talk about character deaths. I feel in the new gears trilogy games (gears 4, 5) deaths are kinda redundant in the sense that they are useless. Sure I was sad to see jd/del die but like I stated before it wasn’t needed and brought their character arcs to an end way too early. I dont see why a character needs to be thrown away for the next game when you aren’t invested in the characters that much. But it’s not just jd and del u disagree with the carmines and Oscar as well got this treatment. Lizzie and Gary carmine shouldn’t have died. Gary less so but I don’t think they should have been killed it feels its just because they are a carmine they was killed. Lizzie and Gary had the potential to be cool as hell chars I mean freaking Lizzie blew up a snatcher with a grenade she’s bad ■■■ why waste characters like that when you can build off them. I’d love to know the lore behind them how did they get there who are their family what do the believe in etc… Oscar as well I feel was unnecessary I get they wanted to play off the theme that kait has lost “everything” but it feels unnecessary imagine if you built him up and he did join back into the cog and you fight alongside the swarm with him that would be cool for me. I think it’s interesting he made his own village and was surviving for so long they should of played off of that to deepen his character and lore.

This last part will be about the characters as a whole. I don’t really like kait as a character. Her lore is interesting but to me she’s like a teenager she’s always on about her feelings and holds grudges and keeps them even when the whole world is at war. The game is more about muh feelings rather than the actual war to me. I think its fine to show emotion but I feel too much was shown. It was a teenage drama after the jd thing then they make up and finally get the job done then end up crying anyways. The reason why everyone liked Marcus at least imo is that he got the job done he was a soldier through and through he’d push all the personal stuff aside for the most part (gears 2 finding Maria comes to mind) and would leave it until after he’s done with the job. I get that kait isn’t Marcus and the main cast aren’t all Marcus but I feel the teenage drama was unneeded yes jd messed up but ghosting him for half the campaign then he mystically shows up and everyone loves him again is weird it doesn’t feel gears to me it’s a war you don’t have time to be holding grudges against someone. Del is the next one I wanna talk about he’s very very basic. He’s basically the nice guy of the team and that’s about it. He’s also an engineer as well and a smart Boi. He lacks depth to his character and I’d have loved to learn more about him before he was killed off so then I actually can sympathise with his death. Jd is in the same boat as del kinda. Jd has a character arc though he’s the son of cog legend marcus fenix however in gears 4 him and his dad wasn’t on the best terms since James joined the cog among over things. In 4 he then patched up most things with his dad and saved him. And in gears 5 he’s painted as a bad guy who then eventually “redeems” himself by the end of the campaign. Whilst all that lore sounds like it’s alot it really isn’t jd is just a soldier whos too loyal to the cog essentially. He does stuff by the book and only stopped doing it when kait got mad. Other than that all he has is that he’s Marcus’s son he needs more depth rather than being the living legends son. The main characters should have a bit less depth in them than kait imo. I mean dom had alot of depth in the game and he wasnt the main guy so why should del and jd have to take a back seat to kait.

Overall I think the gears 5 campaign was OK. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad. The ending was a mistake and like I said nothing really happened in the Grand scheme of things.

If you disagree or just want to say your own thoughts I’d love to hear them below.

I’m glad you guys made it this far lol thanks for reading :+1:

P. S. This my first forum post so nice to meet u all

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This isn’t your first forum post at all! Don’t ever lie to me again or I will make you play Gears Judgment for all eternity

Gears Judgement > Gears 5

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Sorry theres no such game Gears Judgement (as @GhostofDelta2 has told me on many occasions) Its Gears Judgment (no e after the G)

Thanks @GhostofDelta2

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Well it seems @GhostofDelta2 is correct. He must be the Gears Universe Commie correcting people now.


Said this before and will again.

The campaign was fantastic. My top two of the series. The choice between JD and Del was dumb, but it’s done now.

I really think people that don’t like 5 need to try it again. There’s such an acknowledgment in it and throw backs to the other campaigns. It’s extremely well written to pay homage to the history and lore of the series.

Too short. Bad decision to include the “choice”. Open world parts could have been better. Otherwise it’s outstanding.


Have mercy I couldn’t even last 2 hours on that game the other week.

I couldn’t even beat the campaign without running into a game glitch and one where all my progress stopped and got erased. So I stopped playing.

I ended up watching all of the cinematics on youtube. I didn’t like where the story was headed. This franchise is pretty much on its death bed. The game is trying to get their old fans back by back peddling any changes that fans hate. I mean people are excited to get old content that was in Gears of War 4 recycled back into Gears 5. It’s kinda sad really.

Either way I can’t wait for Cyber punk 2077.

Yeah I had that. I played through it with 3 friends lol. One of them dropped out after we crashed 20 times in one day lol. At the same part.

I like the campaign and they tried to do new things. I appreciate the nods and throwbacks to previous Gears in the collectables, music and character lines.

Act 4 is my favourite. It felt like roots gears of war. gritty. ruble, messy, war torn and chaotic. All the characters new and old started to gel and the comradery was there.

Sadly it was short. Too short. The campaign needed a 5th act to balance out the open world areas of act 2 and 3.

Kait and Del should have been written better. Kait didn’t feel like the Ellen Ripley /Full Metal ■■■■■ (Edge of Tomorrow) type of warrior we saw in the Matriarch trailer (the one they play in the esports). Maybe we get that finally in 6.

Perhaps this is not a direction they intend to take with her. Kind of whatever as long as they don’t forget what the character is actually about.

But perhaps it would help if you put a link to that trailer in, cause I don’t watch eSports and didn’t really watch many of the pre-release Campaign trailers(you know, spoiler avoiding and all that yada), so I don’t have much of a clue which one you’re referring to.

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