Gears 5 Campaign broken/corrupted

The campaign is broken.

First, I finished all Act 3 missions with 17 collectables and all 88 parts, then I went to eat dinner, came back, logged back into the game, and it automatically loaded Chapter 3 of Act 3 (wtf) and I suddenly only had 2 collectibles and 5 parts, the other parts showed as NOT USED so I basically had to resinstall them on Jack. The strange news was besides this annoying fact that the MAIN quests it showed as complete, the SIDE quests as incomplete. So ok, I went to do the side quests again, and after the last 3/3 quest (water tower), the game stalled, nothing happened, map was not uploaded, nothing. And this was 2 hrs into after the already annoying reset from Act 4 Chapter 1 to Act 3 Chapter 3. So ok then, I loaded the previous checkpoint so I can play the Water tower again, instead, it put me in the exact same place like when I came back from dinner, to Act 3 Chapter 3…All collectables again gone, so the parts (reset), and this is safe to say this campaign is a broken mess. So what must I do now? Reinstall the game and install again ?
This game is utter garbage in quality, I have never played such a broken game, seriously. I remember having had a free code for a steam game known as Wander, it was one of the worst games in gaming history but this game here, Gears 5, has more bugs than that… horrible. I play on the PC.

Must be cloud server f-ing up hard, synching old data ??? Screw this development company. To put an unfinished game out and charging for it a full price.

What’s worse is that update from them that says it’s been resolved or fixed slightly so that it doesn’t happen as much?

It’s pretty bad.

In Act 3 I completed the Cosmonaut area early (acquired the targeting beacons) and after finishing the Turntable area and lowering the bridge, Baird and Paduk instructed me to go to the Cosmonaut again. When i enter the area my character was trapped in the room and i was unable to use Jack to hack the terminals ( I aim at the yellow passage and terminal and press Y; a sound goes off but nothing happens). Im unable to exit the room. Is there a way to salvage my saved game at this point?