Gears 5 Campaign at GamesCom

Apparently they’re showing off the Gears 5 campaign on Gamescom opening night! Hopefully it’s a solid run through, I am very interested in seeing a little bit of it.


They finally changed their mind about not showing the Campaign before release.


Thanks for the warning! Maybe I´ll be at gamescom, but I will most likely avoid the forums and the Reddit sub for Gears 5 until I´ve finished the game myself. Don´t want to spoil myself for the campaign, especially now, that it´s no more than 28 days!!! wooooo, hype!!
If I´m at gamescom, I might try out Horde mode. But we´ll see.

We are so close to release. I see no point in watching any campaign.


Thanks @CaPgUn_GoDlY for the info,:+1:Will get ready to watch campaign,cannot wait

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they just showed off a 20-min Prologue like they did with 4.


I’ll probably check this out. I def want to see Horde and what it’s about this time around.


I don’t want to watch anything but the temptation is real…

All Rod said was that they would release a new Story trailer. I don’t see them doing more than that, campaign-wise.

I hope it’s not gameplay. Just cinematic like the last one we got.

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Yeah I saw that a little later while looking through the threads again. Better than nothing I guess lol. The game is pretty close

It could be another character focused cutscene, maybe involving Baird or Jinn or someone I’d think.

It’s the story trailer.

I hope they show actual gameplay, but I’m not bothered by spoilers. All spoilers do for me is to get me more hyped.


I need there to be gameplay to form good impression of the game. I haven’t been all too impressed by what I’ve seen so far and the campaign is this game’s last, best chance to generate some level of excitement out of me.

Based on a handful of the achievements, there is some hope that there will be some interesting changes to shake up the experience; but I need to actually see it for myself.

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I would say it’s wise to throw another tease of the campaign before Sept - to not say a word about it before Sept is not a good idea in my mind, so by showing a trailer to entice people more would make sense. Am more excited about the Horde reveal than the campaign b/c like a lot of people I don’t really want to know too much about it and just enjoy it.

I want to see it, and I don’t wanna see it.

I’ve actually been a lot more curious about the story than I thought I would, and I think that’s because they have shown so little of it.

I don’t know if I’m gonna see it or not :smile:

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They need to show something, They need hype and they need it fast.

Gears is not that relevant these days (kinda sucks but so be it). On top of that, I’m seeing such little hype for G5 right now. Only GoWJ had less imo.

Not helped by that ‘tech test’ either…it was sodding awful. Game went gold shortly after, so the tech test is what we can, sadly, expect from the PvP.

Yeah, TC need some hype badly. Right now the general vibe is there are great Gears games, and there are TC Gears, and there is no overlap.

Or put another way…

I’ve been given a free ultimate edition…and I need convincing to actually bother putting it on an HD.

Very interested to see what they have done with Horde mode, the achievement list has me concerned and GOW 4 horde was right with how it was for classes NOT having a character lock as the GOW 5 achievements imply it could be.

I am hoping horde has not been ruined to be like OverRun of Judgement.

Campaign Trailers don’t make sense when watched after completing a game. I finished Gears 2 and 3 before looking up trailers. It would’ve been better off to watch before I played them.

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With the way Kingdom Hearts 3 was handled, I’d rather not having a mental checklist of waiting for things to happen while playing through a game again. Way too much was shown about that game, as was Gears 4.