Gears 5 buyers’ hack

Hey Tc,

Question. If I buy the game pass ultimate for $1/$2 and I preorder regular edition from Amazon, am I really getting all ultimate edition perksfor $51.99??

Then why oh why would I buy ultimate edition for $79.99?

I still get game 4 days early and 30 days boost from the game pass right? I’m just confused as to why anyone would preorder ultimate edition at this point?

It’s surely not for the preorder skins.

Please advise.

No. Because you wouldn’t be able to access the UE when GP runs out. And you’d just have the standard. You might have the rewards for UE, but not UE itself.

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Game Pass doesn’t give you Ultimate Edition. Only Game Pass Ultimate does. So with Game Pass, you only get Standard Edition.

Getting Standard Edition from Amazon also means you don’t get Ultimate Edition.

You should really get Game Pass Ultimate, rather than regular Game Pass.

Only reasons to do this is:

  • Retail exclusive skin.
  • If you prefer disc version and exclusive Steel book.
  • You can sell the disc, but not digital for money back.
  • Easier sharing in different consoles.
  • To own it permanently, even after Game Pass Ultimate sub runs out.

I would just have Xbox Live Gold Membership that expires next year or few, then buying Game Pass Ultimate to own Gears 5 Ultimate Edition until next year or few. Once it’s close to end of Membership, then buying Standard Edition for cheaper or renewing Game Pass again.

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There is no reason to buy the ultimate edition. Use the $1 or $2 to get 1-2 months of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, get the initial rewards and then buy the standard edition. I’m pretty sure Octus even said you keep all the skins. Check his Twitter replies if you are a completionist like that. I haven’t been paying much attention to those details.


You will keep access to UE content though TC has been very adamant about it.

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Only if you’re anti-service, anti-demat.

Imo, Microsoft intend to push GP Ultimate through Gears 5 release.
Chances are some players will make the same computation as you did and then because they’ll have access to a lot of games, they will try AAAs such as Metro : Exodus, DMC 5, Kingdom Come etc and some great indies they never did before.

I think Microsoft tries to transform a “I’m not really interested in Game Pass” into “That’s not that bad after all, maybe I shouldn’t cancel so early, I haven’t finished this game, not tried this one, etc” = Birds in the trap


Providing services like Game Pass/PC/Ultimate is much better from a business sense as well. Better cash flow. Easier to draw people in. Less reliance on the performance of 1 game.

Consumers like it, because it’s like Netflix for gaming. MS likes it, because it places less reliance on their AAA studios, and makes them financially more stable (not that they would need to, with the products they have).


I hope i played it safe. Maybe not smart but oh well.

I got Game Pass ultimate & I ordered the gears 5 Ultimate Addition. then I order the XBOX One X limited addition Console… I was waiting to upgrade any way of the Xbox one

The game pass uses up my Xbox live money on 10/10. unless there is a compelling reason to keep it going i go back to XBOX live. Only for the fact that i only play gears and other game offered do not really engage me. Its hard to pay out $15 a month for one game when it only cost $79.00

just my 2 cents.

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Well this is what I am doing:
Doing the Game pass ultimate for $2 so I get UE Gears 5 Halo Reach character pack
Gears 5 standard physical copy on Sept. 10th

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