GEARS 5 bullets go through walls

i notice when you hug a wall, bullets go through the cover, is this intentional?,

being able to shoot through cover kinda makes the vault/grab a weak move. given the fact that you can just shotgun who ever is across from you

heres a demonstration

as you can see the gun is clearly aimed at the object. and despite that it goes right through.

and in the last part, i was shooting an AI, my barel was pointed at the couch and i still shot him


It’s just like real life!!

lol real life these bullets would ricochet off steel :stuck_out_tongue:

True, unless they are armor piercing rounds that can penetrate thinner steel…just saying man

true that

but for the sake of the discussing the game, is this something intended?, was it present in the previous installments of the gears franchise?

Triangles bro. Check into it.

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The spawn-side corners of the Boltok buildings on either side of Icebound allow enemies to shoot through the walls to the open windows into the KotH circle area and you cannot shoot them back or even see them

Would you mind providing pictures and diagrams to illustrate the location you’re talking about so that I can exploit it the next time I’m forced to play on GarbageBound?

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Sorry bud
Feels like the kind of thing i don’t want getting into the open, except maybe to show tc

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Give me the intel, or else I’ll figure it out myself and post my findings for all the world to see. You have one hour to decide.

Godspeed, I await these findings because that might start explaining weird kills around cover corners.

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It’s funny because gnasher cover fights in this originally cover-based shooter have always been real wonky.

but its not triangles though, i know what youre referring to. the whole 3rd person explanation

clearly my gun in directly pointed at an object and shots go through it, no triangle explanation will make sense of that

i feel like a whole new shooting mechanic takes place when youre hugging cover as opposed to standing in the open

ive been seeing players shoot through objects clearly bloocking their weapons, this needs to be addressed

Since they cut back on some of the magnetism, I 'm getting shot behind cover slightly less often now. Before if I ran into cover like a column or corner, the bullets would curve around and hit me. It was painfully evident in the kill cams as you see me run 3 feet ahead of their aiming reticle/gunfire, then I take cover and a half-second later my head pops to a lancer round.

lol. Hilarious. I noticed this several times while playing. One of the many bugs that should’ve been polished out before the game’s release. Gears 5 should’ve followed Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk’s example and delayed release by at least 6 -8 months. It most likely would’ve done wonders for it’s initial reception. This game was obviously rushed and not ready to be released.

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truer words couldnt have been said

honestly, im not even holding my breathe anymore. my hopes for this is low, and the other issues are probably no where near to being resolved

this topic would probably get buried under everything else and forgotten