Gears 5 bullet magnetism/aim assist is terrible

This needs to change.


Holy s#*t! I’ve felt like something has been off, but i had no idea it was this bad. That is so ridiculous.


Can’t thumbs this up enough. Not even going to complain.This is broken,



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Such BS.

I see what people mean now when they say the skill gap has been lowered. You can’t outaim an opponent if the game is auto aiming for them.

So in situations where you have better natural aim than your opponent, you can still easily lose, because bullets are like heat seeking missiles now


Ok, everyone needs to take a chill pill here…

I don’t work for TC, I didn’t write this code, but I have no problems imagining why this is the way it is.

The hit boxes have to extend beyond the visible character models, to ensure a consistent hitbox size for all characters (think Lahni, who is about a foot shorter than other characters). So they probably extend a little beyond ALL characters, even the biggest ones, to leave for future characters of even bigger sizes…

When you hit an area that’s inside the hitbox but outside of the character model, the code will show you those hits on the body - because it can’t show them ‘in mid air’, right?

No magic, no bullet magnetism towards a body, this is just how hits which are within the hitbox but outside of the drawn character model, are displayed… So unless everyone wants to play the exact same character as everyone else, of exactly the same size, you will always have these issues, of aiming “outside” a character, yet scoring hits…

Think Palace Guard vs black steel medic in Gears 4…

Seriously, relax everyone, and just play the game…


So why is there a difference between competitive and core aim assist? And why do the bullets stray from where you aim to hit the character? If it’s down to hit boxes?


you got it partially right.
its universal invisible hitboxes + aim assist + bullet magnetism (which is 100% confirmed to be in the game).


Isn’t that what the character under the skin is for? like Gears UE? where you can shoot through certain parts of the skin because it’s bigger than the hitbox?

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Can you guys fix this please!


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Apparently this is a PvE only thing with differing character sizes. All the same in Versus. Don’t know where this was said, though.

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I see what you’re saying but there’s more at play here. This kind of thing wasn’t in GOW4 (at least not on any consistent basis) and they had plenty of large character models.

Edit: Sorry I just watched the video. This kind of BS happened in GOW4 core, but not to this extent.

What I’m noticing in G5 is headshots with precision weapons/pistols being counted as headshots when they’ve clearly missed the head completely and this happening on a very consistent basis. Something that I never noticed in GOW4.


This is the main reason lancers are downing so quickly in matches outside of escalation/execution.

The lancer isn’t overpowered, the auto aim is lol


His test subject is Raam not sure there is a bigger character in the game than that so i disagree.


It’s been like this since Gears 2 (was a bit different before they normalized hitboxes), but these tests always get posted shortly after every new release.

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True… Gears 3 had some horrible hitboxes but was BY FAR the most sucessful Gears game


Only trucker dizzy, anya and both kantas’s lol


Almost all females, Theron and also Minh’s bold head

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I particularly like the part where in the video the shot it taken and it hits. Then it is shown the same shot does not hit. This is the problem. You can be on a player and get nothing at all. Or off the player and get hits. Much worse than Gears 5. But you tell people and they say you need to “git gud” and some ■■■■. I put a full mag into the player and got not even a single hit marker. I was in a match were we scored no points for the first few rounds. A single player runs up for the frags, we hit the player, and the player just kills us. And we get no hits or damage. Not the first match that this has happened in.

Of course one could have the luck of a friend of mine. He, for whatever random reason, gets every shot to count basically. Guns are OP to him. Yet I can shoot the same player 4 times and get 1 hit for a random 90s% damage. Full on hit. I however, get one shot. I have seen similar over and over in Gears 4 but this game has some much worse stuff.

Not hating on the game. I just want it working great and fixed.


No, hitbox should be better than that. I play palace guard in gears 4 and still win with few deaths. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.