Gears 5 - Breaking the Mold

Hello again, gear heads! [Do you get the rick and morty play on words?] It’s been an awesome time since I came back to the forums, appreciate everyone’s input and engagement when it comes to deep diving into more controversial aspects of the game. It took a few extra days due to some annoying issues clipping my own footage [resolved now and forever] but it’s worth the wait. This is a small excerpt from the dev stream with jamie, and he makes an argument for why the wall cancel cant be removed, but doesnt realize this argument to justify keeping the wall cancel makes no sense when the gnasher 1 shot down was removed from the game and has been in the franchise longer than the wall cancel. I’m not making these comments to antagonize jamie, loved the dev stream and appreciate his insights as he personally would like to see the wall cancel change, but it was important for me to make this video, as I’ve had a change of heart and would be open to experimental wall cancel changes demo’d in the dev playlist down the line to see if I am willing to live without it. This only reaffirms my stance on bringing the gnasher 1 shot down to the dev playlist asap, the current changes are excellent steps forward and I cant think of a better time to keep taking risks in this playlist.

Love to hear your thoughts about the conversation, the wall cancel overall, and do you agree it seems flawed to make this argument when the fundamentals we’ve all grown up with have changed in a detrimental way?