Gears 5 Bounties

What do you think they should do with Bounties in Gears 5 for MP, remove them, leave them or replace with better system?

I think they should auto-detect mode and switch.

Like I play mainly KOTH and sometimes if I switch mode I normally forget to change to the relevant mode.

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Yeh it’s frustrating to have to change them manually

I don’t mind to do it but I can easily forget.

Like we should be able to at least set different bounties for different modes.

So when I switch modes, the default bounty changes.

I don’t know why the game allows a KOTH bounty to be active on a TDM match.

There needs to be a filter.

I think they should remove bounties and replace with the tiered medal system from gears 3 with also daily/weekly challenges added, i found bounties in gears 4 too hard to manage at times. With the medal system you wouldn’t have to worry about applying things and it’s much more streamlined. Also the daily/weekly challenges can keep things fresh.

That’s actually a sick idea.

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Thank you bro :heart:

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I think it should stay because they’re great for extra XP levelling.