Gears 5 Boss Rush Tutorial Series

Let me know if this does or doesn’t answer your question.

If you are holding a Lancer GL then call your ultimate you are going to do more damage than if you are holding a snub then call your ultimate. This is mainly because the ultimate will stack with the custom Lancer Gl card. There is also an Assault rifle perk you can perk up throughout the game. It’s also good to active your Lancer Gl before you do this for maximum damage.

Edit: If you are simply asking if Demo needs to buy GL to use air strike-he doesn’t. He can use his air strike in any context except for some sections of escape hives.

I started playing in Op2 and I don’t remember any restrictions in connection to the airstrike

I didn’t even realize this was posted almost a month ago but listened to the whole first video so far. Interesting stuff detailing strengths and weaknesses of each class, reminds me of the Escape days.

That said though…

To each their own. I’m kinda the opposite. I generally don’t find Gears bosses that fun most of the time so I usually can’t wait for those waves to be over. A whole mode that is basically that dialed to absurd extremes? No thanks. I much prefer fighting tons of the smaller enemies (everything that isn’t a boss) over a bunch of sponges that clearly generally weren’t designed to be fought in such a spammed way, IMO.

It isn’t even a difficulty thing, because I’m a big fan of Escape and I agree with one of your comments at the beginning of the vid that the general player base doesn’t like/can’t handle higher difficulty stuff. Although brave with some of this stuff, I’m not exactly bored to the point of being a masochist either. I DO play video games for a bit of a power trip just not at that mindless extreme either.

There is a lot of classes that could be considered too strong for normal Horde in general, and the above classes doing the meatshield-marking combo is an outlying teamwork thing that somewhat barely excuses it same with Marksman and Veteran.

Also, that is another reason I highly dislike Boss Rush is due to a ridiculously and unusually high concentration of things that Demo and Tact specialize in killing, the overall class balance in that mode is quite clearly lopsided to the point of half the classes being bottom tier irrelevant. I get it, there are still smaller enemies that allow some other classes to have some purpose, but the favor is obviously heavily skewed in favor of the well, infamous boss-killers. Obviously that is the point of the mode, and I’m glad something like it exists for those classes, but it isn’t going to make me like the mode.

I’ll admit that Escape can definitely suffer from a similar problem if not worse in regards to class balance, but at least as a baseline I generally don’t quite get the same level of that initial feeling of tediousness that I do looking at a bunch of bullet sponges. Heck even Roulette at least goes the extra mile to nerf boss health in exchange for the spam to at least ATTEMPT to give it some level of balance lol.

All in all… my bad, I don’t mean to rain on your parade. I’ll check out the rest of the vids in the series hoping to maybe better like the mode and by all means, having someone with your enthusiasm for it is definitely in no way a bad thing. Congrats on your accomplishments with the mode so far!


What I find interesting in BR is that you need support classes to win (except Turner who shows 2-men on some maps)
Since one or 2 months I am trying BR with randoms and the win rate is really weak. Even with demo/tact combo, a single juvie is able to break the game.
A good balance and coordination are required between very high DPS and support/crowd control classes. If the demo/tact are down, it is a wipe without a gunner/BM/anchor.

This and the intensity/speed are what I am looking for in that mode from time to time.

Nevertheless your arguments are valid. Enemies are spongy and there is less room for strategy.


Why I hate Boss Rush:


That’s the only reason. :slight_smile:


Rather get 4 of those for each chicken that would have shown up.

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I’m really disappointed that they never show up in maps where they could. Would’ve loved to see 2+ Swarmaks at the same time combined with like Kestrels flying around.

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Swarmak should at least be the wave 10 boss. That would be rad.

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I generally think a lot of Support classes aside from Engineers, or even the tanks just tanking and the CQC just being bodyguards for others is underrated by the population at large. While that may be exaggerated to the extreme in Boss Rush, IMO matches of whatever PvE mode always flow best with a healthy mix of classes that can cover everything.

You know what, I will give you all this one. As much as I don’t enjoy the mode, it is still disappointing they didn’t go all the way with the ridiculousness and make sure the Dino got to play too.


Fully agree. And from what i experienced in BR with randoms it is absolutely a condition for a win (but not the only one).
I enjoy being a BM or a Gunner in this mode. At least you can survive a little bit if the demo or tact is struggling with kestrel and big chicken.

A swarmak is a good idea but don’t you think it could be easier to kill compared to the whakatu ?

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Boss Rush Blasphemy won’t be

I’m pretty proud of the tutorial series I made and I personally learned stuff along the way. Obviously Boss Rush isn’t as popular as I’d like it to be but that’s okay. I’ve done most of what I wanted to do with the mode.

I’m aware that Boss Rush caters to only one play style for the most part. There is only one or two legitimate card stack for the classes that are even able to do it. It does lack versatility and some enemies aren’t in the mode at all.

For me in general I have to push myself to find enjoyment. Once something becomes easy, I almost completely check out and it actually starts to put me in a bad mood if I keep doing easy things.

I’ve seen you use the word “masochist” a few I think I just like having a certain amount of “stakes” associated with what I’m doing. If I know I’m definitely going to win a match with ease before I even started, I’m already mentally somewhere else. I do enjoy the extremely occasional casual match but for the most part it just isn’t stimulating enough. I don’t even play TC hives anymore because of this.

It may sound different but if I’m not suffering through a tough match of some nature, I’m not happy.

Also, someone on my friends list told me nexus siege is tough. I may start running that to see what I’m missing.

EDIT: I may start trying some of the bottom tier classes in some matches just to see if some of them have value in certain situations. All classes are playable on mays without kestrel/wakaatu if that counts for anything. I have seen veteran and marksman do well in some contexts as well.

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One of my favorite matches is the 2-man I did with my buddy Ross on Dam. One of my best games period.

We wanted to 2-man Training Grounds (probably the hardest boss rush map) but we got completed destroyed on Wave Not sure if that one is possible.

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Boomshot scions, elite drones, sentinels, guardians and Swarmak all need to be added for the mode to be perfect in my eyes.

I watched it already and it was crazy. Smart idea the decoy !

Since I play this mode I did not see a combo demo/tact as efficient. This is why BM/gunner/anchor (or even a nomad) for crowd control are essential from my little experience.
I tried sometimes to play demo and it requires some practice no joke. I am more confortable with BM tactician or gunner.

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To be honest, Boss Rush should only be a Boss Rush to me, meaning really only Boss enemies and eventually just have all of them or something.

Something like Mania would be a good fit to have those in as well.

Just think of what a mess it would be having a Carrier, Warden, Sentinel, Flock, Snatcher, Matriarch, Kestrel, F*ckatuu and Swarmak rush your base all at the same time, maybe even more than just one of each lol.

Still waiting for Gears 5 modders to fullfil my dreams.


I’d have to see it. Seems like a frame rate issue waiting to happen which means I’ll have to get PC or series

That does sound insane though. I like it mostly how it is now. The main thing I would change is adding all enemies, less juvies and more scions. There are waves where it feels like I come across 15-20 juvies sometime which I personally don’t understand for this mode.

I’d have to think on it more though about other possible improvements.

Just my 2 cents - on certain maps for BR you don’t even need Demo and Tact.
We’ve done games with Promos only and 5 Mechs only. Very successful.
Maybe not as fast as it would have been with Demo and Tact but it’s possible.

Edit - that reminds me - when are we coming back to finish horde challenges?
can’t tag Legacy


Yea, that Promo-only on Reclaimed was a blast… NOT :smiley:
Well I’m usually around when the US people aren’t and vice versa, so doesn’t make it easy for me…


When I mention Demo & Tac is borderline mandatory I’m talking about maps like Vasgar, Allfathers, harbor, training grounds or ritual. I’m not really talking about all of them so I’m technically being inaccurate. Outside of the marathon I did recently I don’t play maps that can’t spawn both flyers so I’m honestly talking from that perspective.

Yeah there are a couple maps that I’ve done a few 2-man’s with just striker and blademaster. Blood drive, exhibit and Abyss. We’ve done all support classes on Icebound. all strikers on Tomb,Pahanu, canals and reactor. All BM on exhibit, canals, checkout and nexus. All protectors on Turbine and Blood Drive. I’ve also Solo’d striker on blood drive.

Some maps are much easier than others

Now if you want to tell me you went without Tac and Demo on a map like Training Grounds, Harbor or Dam as a small sample size… That would be absurd and a very impressive achievement.

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You’ve done all promo boss rush on reclaimed? That’s not an easy map if you’re talking BR.

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I’m glad you are proud. I would hope that stuff you personally accomplished or worked hard at should definitely make you feel that way.

I’m glad you can at least recognize the limitations of the mode’s playstyle. Like I said earlier I can still appreciate the mode for the variety it gives people within the other choices in this game.

While I think it is a bit crazy sometimes to have to try to find enjoyment, I can totally understand wanting to have some stakes to keep things interesting. While I personally like having a power trip in games or even just showing off, it doesn’t mean as much to me either if it is too easy to do, unless I at least need to blow off some steam. Overcoming crazy odds can be an addictive satisfaction, I definitely get that.

But I do also mix things up a lot, just within this game. I haven’t yet played every class (or even the several I like the most) on every map just in standard modes, for example, and even within those maps there are often multiple places to setup a base, if one is even set up at all. Not even taking into account different modes and modifiers. Combine that with varying team class compositions and I find the game extremely replayable and interesting each I play still.

That said, I admittedly don’t get to play as often as I’d like, and my overall playtime can actually kinda pale in comparison to many other people here, believe it or not. So I actually haven’t reached the level of burnout with this game that I understand some have. Also… not having the most regular full team to constantly ace things with might also contribute to that lol.

Hmmmm… It is definitely different than other modes. No Fab, taps, or even perks throws many class’s usual playstyles and balance for a loop too but I’m not entirely sure on difficulty yet. Assuming the difficulty is the same, I’d rather play that over Boss Rush but that is just me.

Any time! Usually. I don’t get around to playing with you all enough lol.

I was in attempt and I could have sworn we wiped late game. Did we @CommanderCH2863 @RumblyMonkey991 ? Don’t remember it being particularly difficult as much as it was extremely tedious lol.

Edit: maybe I’m thinking of Escape from Kadar on Vasgar, that was nuts lol.

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