Gears 5 Boss Rush Tutorial Series

For the those of you that my want to try something different, I have created a playlist of my recently finished Gears 5 Boss rush Tutorial series. It is a 4-part series that simplifies the hardest mode in this game. At the end of the 4-part series I have attached (in two separate videos) the boss rush marathon I recently completed. Using the concepts in the series, my friends and I were able to complete all 37 maps on Master in just under 18 hours with a record of 37-2 (about a 95% clearance rate).


No thanks. Im happy with my Overload.

But seriously, to anyone reading this i highly recommend giving these vids a watch if you’re looking to try out Boss Rush. It gets very intense after wave 1. Alot of stuff happening but it is very fun at the same time.


This tutorial series is excellent.

Turner worked really hard throughout these past months to bring this awesome content. I knew how to play Horde but I still managed to learn even more watching and working with Turner.


Did Turner teach you how to clutch every game?


In Escape, yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

He was my mentor


Thanks for to @TurnerBurner922 and his crew for sharing this material.
BR is tough. Although it is a real suicide without a coordinated team, the mode is fantastic (but poor rewards)
I take advantage of this thread to show a funny scene : being grabbed by a dying snatcher.

Hope to cross some people to play BR …


Let me know when you’re typically on and we can get some games in. I’m passed the point of playing for any reward so I just play for fun now. The maps where you can’t get kestrel or wakaatu shouldn’t require much coordination for the most part but I could be wrong.

Edit: I usually buy Lancer GL then help tactician get explosive resupply to 10. I also get better airstrikes when holding Lancer GL instead of boomshot (not including the bullet boost benefit).


Thanks for this proposal. I usually play in the evening FR around 10PM (so 4PM in East US). There is not many open lobby for BR (0 to 1 or 2). Sometimes later in the we.

In the clip I actually made a mistake. I gave too much to the tact. I was not able to get a GL before wave 3. Anyway we failed at wave 6 (inside the church malediction)

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I’ve seen that guys lobby. He asks for 2 Tacts and 2 Demos. Some people’s mentality is quite silly. I actually don’t like more than one Demo at all.

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This is it but he starts even if there is only one of each. I played 2 times in his lobby as gunner or blademaster.
Especially on a little map such as Mercy you really need one or 2 classes able to control the crowd of small to med enemies.
To come back to his lobby, one time we went up to wave 8 but I am pretty sure that staying inside the church is not the good way. Too much of a mess.

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If Boss Rush was only bosses (i.e. 3 kestrels, 4 matriarchs. 3 carriers at once) then 2 tacts and 2 demos make sense. There aren’t enough bosses to justify more than one demo since demo can mark them all. The only duplication that should even be contemplated is if a map needs 2 mele characters because of all the wardens, scions, peacemakers, drones and juvies that can spawn on a boss rush wave.

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Melee class? Don’t be silly. Who needs those when you can safely launch booms from behind the safety of the church altar?


Lol there is nothing safe about that location since the wakaatu can get in there. I know you already know this but outside of Lift, the middle of a map for this mode generally doesn’t work.

Oh for sure, I was being facetious about Mercy.

We’ve “midmapped” Ritual but it’s not probably ideal.

Tomb is technically a midmap but it’s not functionally the same as other mid-maps.


Why I hate Boss Rush!? Well… Matriarch + Kestrel + Wakaatu with multiple Wardens and Scions… :roll_eyes:


All I see is targets for a Demo to feel in heaven.


Thats kind of the point of boss rush. Only thing missing is a Swarmak.


And that’s why I love Boss Rush.

Even back in older operations; I only enjoyed boss waves or mini-boss waves. I found the other waves pointless and uneventful. This mode solves that problem for me.

Since Demo/Tact are probably too strong for regular horde mode, this mode is perfect since it allows those classes to maximize their potential.

Edit: It’s not a perfect mode though. It doesn’t have elite drones, boomshot scions, guardians, sentinels or swarmak. It would be perfect if you add those 5. Or it would at least be close to

What difficulty was this on if you don’t mind me asking? @AgentMikel Combat medic is okay for boss rush but I wouldn’t recommend it with people you don’t know on master.


Thanks for info!

Lol, I have play Gears5 since it’s launch, and I just find out Demo, don’t need GL to do air strike!
I always thought he need to buy GL to do it. Is this ULT, (airstrike without gl) available since launch?

Btw, using his ult air strike Vs GL air strike does it do same amount of damage?


I believe ult air strike do more damage but have to ask @TurnerBurner922 since he specializes in demo more than me.

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