Gears 5 boost down a day for server problems

Hey TC I want my 1 boost back. Your servers didn’t work last night, and somehow I’m down to 49 days on my boost. Well the game didn’t start until 9pm it’s now 7:30am the next day and I’m already missing a day of boost? How is that a day? Where I’m from a day is 24 hrs, and since your game didn’t work you all owe people there days boost back, it’s what I paid for

Amen. It says im down to 48 days, and ive tried playing online. Every time the match would end it would lag, then say i was kicked and give me no EXP. Let alone even trying to get into a mp game

I wasn’t sure where these numbers came from. I started at 53 (now at 52), but I thought it was going to be 40 (30 from the Ultimate version, 7 from pre-order and 3 from the Road to Gears 5 challenge). Not sure where the other 13 days of boost came from. Maybe there was a couple with the Mixpot for watching the Gears stream? But probably not much.

I would actually just like my 30 days and reach characters!!! I have gamepass ultimate and I do not have my content!!! What is going on!?

I had 49 days of boost yesterday and now it says I have zero days. Whats up with this?