Gears 5 - Boomshot Ammo

Hi Everyone,
Can someone give me advice? On Gears 4, I used to play as a Heavy Class, and I would have a boomshot as one of my weapons. As I levelled up, my ammo for Boomshot increased. The last time I played Gears4, I would start 13 bullets.
I’m a demolition class on Gears5, and I can’t find a way to increase my Boomshot ammo; it’s only 3, I’m level 8 in demolition class, and I can’t find a card for increase ammo as I did with previous Gears 4.
Sorry for the poor grammar.

Is there any advice can someone give me? Am I even in the correct class comparing to last Gears?

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You cant find a way because there is no way to increase the ammo capacity lol.

If you like to blow stuff up, then yeah Demos just fine for you.

So 3x bullets for Boomshot is the max you can get. FS!!!

I feel boomshot isn’t has affective as last yr

Thanks man.

Lmao that’s funny. Boom may not have 13 shots but it still does the job.

Nope. Pilot or Tactician are the way to go. 1st gets 6 rounds + healing and stim upon hits and Tact has unlimited boomshots during ult and skips reload.

Demo is one of the worst classes in the game.

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Dont troll the guy Kat :pensive:


It is though? There’s at least 11 classes that are better than JD.

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I dont think it’s the worst though.

The Boomshot is way better than it was in Gears 4, even if it doesn’t have the same ammo capacity. You can actually kill things with it, even with just a 50% damage boost(or during the first 4/10 waves, any class), rather than it being a peashooter that takes 5+ shots with 120% damage boost to kill a single Pouncer on Inconceivable during the first 10 waves.


But…you might have to think for half of those.

^the entire gameplay of JD summed up in 10 seconds.


Dumb class or not, it’s still good lol.

I didn’t realize the boom was that weak…

Yes, and several other classes are better.

Ok and? I didnt say it was the best. I said it was good.

My point is that it’s not bad.

Explosives aren’t the only way to kill, the assault rifle Lancer GL is powerful using the right cards, I don’t even use lockers both 12 and 50 waves and still I smash the enemies and being vastly superior to the rest of players ion the majority of waves.


Even Keegan would like a word.

I wish I could understand this reference :pensive:

How about you give me a gears or a star wars reference?

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How tf have you not played RE4? One of the best games ever made, up there with NGB/II or Titanfall.