Gears 5 Bonuses

Hey guys, it could just be me, I seem to be confused on what comes with the game and what doesn’t. For the xbox ultimate game pass you get Kat and Emile from the Halo series, but if you pre-order Gears 5 you get the Terminator and Sarah Connor character ; The Dark Fate pack. So I guess my question is if I do the xbox ultimate game pass, do I get the dark fate pack as well?

You are right about the halo characters but wrong about Teminator pack.

It’s simple: Anyone who plays in the first 7 days gets them.


Ah Ok, See I didn’t want to do the Ultimate Game Pass for the Halo characters if that meant I had to pre order for the dark fate pack. For me it’d be one or the other, I won’t do this run around bs games pull now a days. I grew up on Halo and Gears so obviously for mw I’d have chosen the Halo characters but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like both. Thanks for clearing that up!

Yup. Say if you bought the game 6 days after launch, you’d still get the terminator pack. But 8 days after and you won’t.

It’s worth noting, TC confirmed that they will sell the halo characters later on.

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I’d like to acquire as many of these as I can seeing that the character selection as is seems to be lackluster at best. I can’t guarantee I’ll keep playing the game if there is no Ben Carmine!

Sadly TCs greed has really shun through and their is only 8 Cog characters at launch, no joke.

Where did they confirm they would sell the Halo characters? According to their Characters Explained page on the Gears 5 site, it sounds like they won’t be sold.

“With the exclusion of the Halo: Reach Ultimate Edition and Terminator: Dark Fate Characters, all future Characters – both COG Heroes and Swarm Characters – will be earned either through gameplay and can also be purchased directly – whatever you choose to do!”

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Your quote confirms that they’ll be selling the Halo Reach and Terminator characters at a later date.
Its understandable with the Halo Reach characters since people are paying extra for the ultimate edition to get them but doesn’t seem right to sell the free Terminator characters.

Did you even read what you quoted?

Yes, I read it. Hopefully, you’re not intentionally being rude.

This is how I read it:
Excluding the Halo and Terminator characters, all future characters will be earned either through gameplay or direct purchase.

That sounds like you can’t earn or purchase them. Maybe I’m misunderstanding. If I am, my bad.


Exclusion also know as excluding. meaning everything except these 2 character packs will be earnable through gameplay or purchase(with an exception). which means you won’t be able to get them unless you get the ultimate edition for the halo characters or login the first 7 days of release for the terminator characters. these are the only ways to obtain them nothing else.

Nope, you got it right on. Great find! You are all helping me out and I greatly appreciate it!