Gears 5 Black Screen of Death

So the new update has been breaking Gears 5, and will show a Black Screen. Now this may be happening cause TC added a part that had something in it, and now it is breaking the game. This is giving me spooks, as if that black screen is “A Black Screen of Death”. I’m getting a connetction to Playstation 2’s “Red Screen of Death”, and Windows “Blue Screen of Death”. But a Tip, if you put a Xbox disc in a Playstation 1 it’ll make a weird noise and look glitched, so don’t do it. I advise if this happens to you, try deleting Gears 5, redownloading it and maybe it’ll help. If not TC needs to look at the scripts in some of the new parts they added. The Gears 5 “Black Screen of Death” will forever be a mystery. I will be doing more research on this so stay tooned. I’ll see your comments in the next one.

This isn’t the first time this happened apperantly Gears 5 PC black screen

I’d advise you tell your friends, or forum members about this.

Other stuff like, Crash’s and Frozen Screens are accuring due to this.

We’ve found the problem! Why Gears 5 is Breaking (Big Thanks To TBS Nikolai)

Thats what we get for christmas.


2020 sucks man. Nice one though, that made me laugh. :smile:

Why would you do that?! It’s like combining matter with antimatter.


Never actually did, I found that on youtube. Its a weird fact, a creepy one too.

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Mine was done installing and updating everything and I started playing the daily Horde on Asylum. It froze on the third wave and now it’s updating with 100% progress at 143GB of 19GB. Good job TC!


And thats the thing, TC put a part they didn’t know has a risky virus in it, and now everything is breaking. But the most spooky part is “The Black Screen of Death” that thing gives me chills.

I personally called it the “DSOD”. Dark Screen of Death.

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Lol. Stop. There’s no virus. Quit making stuff up.

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Maybe not, but something is braking Gears 5. People are experiencing Crash’s, Frozen Screens, or Black Screens.

It’s not breaking it. It’s everyone downloading the game at the same time and the servers aren’t handling everyone trying to get on. Everyone that has experienced the black screen has been able to start the game since. No one is stuck on the black screen. That would be game breaking.

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I’ll note that.

This is nothing new to any game, sometimes there are problems, so far it works for everyone on my friends list, I’ve only seen it not work for like 4 people, why we all trippin?

I will give you props for a good thread title though


I know that for a thing, this same thing happened last year too.

Also thank you. XD

Well hopefully they sort it out by the end of the day, would like to see everyone get to experience everything new!

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Ah! Ok, thanks for the heads up Niko. And yes, it is game breaking. :neutral_face:

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I’m number 5 then… guess I won’t be checking out the new campaign before work :neutral_face:




Oh! I was confused for a second, I was like “NEW CAMPAIGN!?”. You blew my high hopes. :unamused: