Gears 5 big problem (Spoiler)

I have a problem. At the beginning of act 3 I went to the space center and got the transmitters, returned to base and gave them back, there was a fight … Baird flew away … now after completing the mission from act 3 with the train and completing this mission I feel good shows no mission … I came back to Paduk camp and nothing, the gate closed, so I went to the space center again, I went inside and got stuck !!! I can’t do anything … jack doesn’t want to enter the ventilation pipe !! ! The earlier entry point loads in the same … that is, after entering the complex

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You should definitely be putting “campaign spoilers” in your title.

Please, consider posting and describing your problem also in these threads, all related to the SAME ISSUE: Campaign soft lock on act three, some Assembly required , Campaign broken for Gears 5 , Single player STILL BROKEN and Act 3 chapter 3 broken. There’s tons of people in the same situation, and The Coalition Is doing nothing, not even acknowledging that this stupid bug even exists. I really want all of us to be heard from the team.

Ok thank you

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