Gears 5(Better or still often broken)Gears 6(NM) Returning to Battle

I see since i have moved on from gears 4/5 that it remains about as broken as it’s alway been,shocking,but i have saved alot of money not being here buying gear dlc that i may or may not actually get or may or may not actually work,shocking again.But i was wondering and i have no idea why,has there been any word on gears 6 progress?Because after all the ummm fun?i had with gears5 i can hardly wait to see how long i can play gears6 before calling quits,again.

Note:I really miss playing as Ayna Stroud and Kait Diaz as well as the Queen myrahh but this games issuse get so overwhelming it just leaves my wanting to leave for greener pastures.and to maintain my sanity.This has been the real SHINO BAZ…


Gears 6 is quite a way off, to think that Gears 5 still has at least maximum 2 years worth of content to come, possibly longer so yeah, not anytime soon.


A Classic Shino Thread.


Technically, there has not been any DLC besides the Ops packs but i don’t consider that DLC.

We won’t see gears 6 for years idk why people c as not grasp that

The real shino has stood up!

Me personally. I dont mind the state tht gears 5 is in right now. Of course there is bs. ( the x icon on corners NEEDS TO BE FIXED)
AND I would really really like to see the slide speed back to 650 ATLEAST.
But imo. The main issue with gears 5 are THE LACK OF MAPS. ( LIKE USUAL )

AND honestly. The ranking system is more of a joke than it ever was. You literally have to play to NOT LOSE

You could sit at spawn and not do a dam thing , as long as yout team wins…you will rank up
To me
Thts broken. I thought the old ranking system was good. It just needed slight tweaks. NOT A REVAMP.

And i could care less about weapon skins
They just arnt important to me at the slightest

Maybe jf they BROUGHT back BLACK STEEL SKINS. ID actually spend some money.

Well it sounds like i haven’t missed anything other then the normal semi sometimes if your really lucky working gears 5.If this game did more then put you through the ringer to earn something or drain your bank account buying something maybe i would comeback.well see.

I call fake

This is @TC_Clown in disguise


Caught red handed. Well done sir.

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I know who i am do you,SHINO BAZ has those who wish they were me but just can’t stick the landing,Theres only one TC Clown and one SHINO BAZ all others are just to far behind to stand any chance at catching up.

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wow man I’ve heard you’re a legend in Gears of War.

My respects man .

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UPDATE after finally calling quits on the game i left to play and spend to much money on,it’s clear the developer likes to rush out releases(dlc) that are broken collect your money any maybe fix them later while leaving other stuff broke in the process,yes i know that TC gears games aren’t perfect either but i can still have fun with this game even with its occasionally technical issuses,so i’m redownloading gears 5 and i’m going to dust of the credit card because i have several characters and skins to buy to get caught backup,see you online soon.The real SHINO BAZ is offically back on GEARS 5.

ok man sounds great.