Gears 5 beta ? think their will be one and when?

Now that E3 has anticipated the arrival of the New Gears 5 we are noticing a lot of excitement… My question is what do you guys think about their being a Gears 5 beta so we can get our hands on the gameplay sooner ?

We have a few threads about Gears 5 betas already. I think we are all keen to participate.

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Probably next year.

I think it’s safe to Yes.

add me on xbox to play … gt: OGxRicosavage

You mean this isn’t the BETA?

No it’s technicly TECH TEST 3…The real GEARS 5 will release 01/01/2020.I know we can hardly wait,I know what i’m spending my christmas bonus on.

Don’t you already have the game?

Yes i do,i have 2 one digital(ult) and one disc copy(ult)(As a backup)…But i’m tired of reading almost nothing but endless depressing threads,i thought i would say something jokenly,just to read something funny,because at this point it seems like almost everyone here is just making gears 5 the most depressing game released so far.

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lol big fax