Gears 5 Beta Issues

Hahahhahaha! Truly a beta. A ■■■■■■ one at that!

“An error has occurred while retrieving the math results”

“Failed cast vote”

(Choose character screen doesn’t ever pop up - stays at loading symbol)

“Failed to join match. Session no longer available “

“Due to inactivity” [while not being in a versus match, you can go ■■■■ yourself and wait 60 minutes]

“Due to virginity, we made a heavy that shoots nitrogen gas a freezes you while STILL ALIVE! Haha WOAHHHH MAYNEEE NO WAY!” (Still doesn’t add flamethrower back or River map on any gears game)

“Servers are full, you’re estimated time of going to ■■■■ your self is 3 hours and 45 minutes” (friend is playing 3 consecutive games against literally all bots)