Gears 5 beta codes from retailers (Main thread)

That’s pretty trash. I just had to get the drone edition and now I can’t even play? What a rip

But you still can if paid $1 for Game Pass Ultimate. Then cancel later.


Anyone else have a feeling this will be a cluster?

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Yeah sign up for game pass ultimate it’s $1 and you can turn off auto renew. Heck if need be I’ll PayPal you a dollar lol


Gamestop isnt giving out codes

I’ve been in email contact with Game (UK retailer) and they told me that they apparently emailed me my code this morning. I haven’t received anything and have checked my junk and spam folders, but nothing.

I ended up getting the Game Pass thing for £1, and will just cancel it once the Tech Test is over.

Strange because I did check my junk folder a few hours ago and it told me it was sent on Wednesday, I did receive my Tech Test code from GAME though. Without actually contacting them directly.

Just wanted to pop in and let you know we flagged this to our friends on the Xbox Marketing team earlier today to contact retailers and ask what’s going on. While we can’t help with this directly, we have made sure the team are aware so they can follow up on their end (which they have been all day).


I went to store and it states unavailable and it ask for code. I preordered through Best Buy and they did not give me a code.

What shall I do?

Still nothing from Amazon uk. Not a major issue as I have downloaded via gamepass, but still!

I thought I received one yesterday but nothing

What? I pre-ordered the first day…and signed up for GPU. But it’s just my white privilege.

Which retailer and region?

So, I got my code. Had to cancel my pre order and pre order again. I guess they didnt send me a code since the beta wasnt announce yet when I initially pre ordered. Did it again and it said it comes with the beta access… now, I’m trying to figure out why it didnt pre download it when I input the code. Now to figure that out lol

Guys, Ultimate Gamepass for $1. Get it, Tech test and cancel it and you will be fine.

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Or, it will just convert your gold :+1:

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I ordered from which is on the list of retailers but got nothing…
Should i cancel and reorder? Is there any help with this?

I also ordered from amazon and got nothing

Nobody got a code from amazon so far. If you pre order again, it will do nothing since you have to pre order before the 17th July.

I haven’t got my code from amazon neither but I got it through another way

Amazon scammed us. BS

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I’ll just use the xbox game pass cause this is a rip off, thanks.

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