Gears 5 beta codes from retailers (Main thread)

I just pre-ordered yesterday in store for a physical copy. No code on the receipt, associate’s had no clue, their in house news network had nothing regarding the codes, and they even called their help desk and they had nothing.

If Game Pass Ultimate is still $1 when I get off work today I’m going to sign up then cancel after the month is up. Don’t wanna miss out on this.

It converts your existing Gold for the entire period up to 3 years.

So you can literally have Ultimate for 1 day or up to 3 years for the $1.

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Hey everyone, it’s been awhile. I hope y’all are doing well. I have missed a lot and was wondering when the beat is suppose to go live. I ordered off of Xbox live and will get a digital somewhere in the next few days.

I was told yesterday that tech test codes will be given out day of launch but originally it seemed like they had no idea what I was talking about


Funny thing is, when I look at my purchases on the Best Buy app, it says “releases on July 16th.” I assumed that’s when the codes would be sent out. Guess not

Just got my code about a half hour ago. So keep checking your email.


Glad you got it bud :slight_smile:


Congrats bro, Still waiting on mine. Cam you tell me who the email came from? Did it come from best buy themselves? The coalition maybe? Microsoft?

Best Buy. I pre order all of my games from them (I used to have Gamers Club Unlocked :cry:) and all of my codes have come directly from them

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Ok cool cool. I still have 7 months of ganer club unlocked so I also pre order all of my games from them, but they’re the worst when it comes to download codes. I usually don’t sweat it for other games but I’m a gears fanatic and im not tryna miss this beta lol

That’s weird. Maybe they’ve gotten worse. But I’ve only had one issue over the many years I’ve used Best Buy when it came to pre order and beta codes.

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Just got done talking to Amazon Customer Support, and they have no idea what I’m talking about when I ask and explain to them about the Multiplayer Tech Test. They have no codes to give out nor do they expect to have any. I’m also reading that Best Buy is having the same issue from a friend who pre-ordered from there.

What’s going on?

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Same situation here…


As the official Tech Test FAQ page states:

" Please contact your local retailer for further support on acquiring your code."

On that note make sure to check email, or within your order, if there is a code added to the order… Not sure if retailers are sending out codes closer to the actual date of the tech test. But, I will reach out to TC for any insight on this.

As stated, I did reach out to customer service and talked to them for over an hour because they kept thinking I was asking about the game’s release date. They finally understood and said that they do not have any codes to give out for pre-orders.

Edit - since this got merged, I should clarify that this is with Amazon.

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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has had any luck on getting their code from gamestop yet? I called twice this week and no luck! The tec test is this weekend and I’m worried I’ll miss out

Gamestop isn’t giving out codes for the tech test

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They are in the UK, but not in the US. Depends where the OP is from.

I don’t think many people have received their codes yet. I’m waiting on mine and suspect that most retailers will be sending them out starting tomorrow. I’m gonna give it until end of tomorrow, and if nothing I’ll give them a call. I ordered mine from Game (I’m from the UK).


At all in the us?

It was confirmed on Reddit. Not at all for GameStop.