Gears 5 beta code for xbox isn't working

Just wanted to know if its to early to use the code for the beta on the xbox store or whether i need to get a new code from amazon.

The beta is not starting till 19th July.

It’s safe to say the code won’t work till a few days before then.


Has there been confirmation on the date? They said the 17th at e3; their promotion says the 19th; and this was posted by major nelson yesterday morning: “While we anxiously await the big announcement of when exactly the Gears 5 Tech Test will be playable”.

It’s 100% July 19th. They’ve clarified it since then. Node leaked that date on a stream and Dana said “they’re not supposed to know that yet”. Not sure why they’re trying to hide the information lol.

July 17th is a Wednesday and I think that is the day you can preinstall the beta, but the 19th is when you can actually start playing it.

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19th is definitely the date,

Was confirmed by Octus shortly after E3 and also in the recent what’s up.

Ok. Thanks for the info. Tried doing a search, but hadn’t found anything concrete.

Concrete as concrete can get:

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The email i recieved with the code says it starts on the 17th of July and ends on the 9th of September, I think amazon has got something wrong.


Just to check, as a fellow Brit, that any preorder of the game before 19 July including hard physical copies will get you a Tech Test code? It’s not limited to a select few retailers is it? I’m about to order mine from Game and the description doesn’t mention the Tech Test (but then I don’t think I’ve seen any retailer mention it in their shop descriptions).

From the store or website?

Website. I presume they would email the code to you with your confirmation email or seperately?

Yeah. they will email you for sure, GAME are like official store for the UK.

If not, to guarantee access, today is the last day for Game Pass for £1 which will just convert your Gold to Game Pass,

Well worth doing.

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Cool thanks for that. I’ve never actually taken part in a Beta / Tech Test before. so it’s all new to me!

Np :+1:

How do we get the code for the tech test for gears 5 cause I pre ordered the ultimate edition was I supposed to get a code then or what??

the retailer you ordered your physical copy from should send you a code closer to the Beta date

Thank you