Gears 5 Beta and Future News and Game Edition Discussion

So this one of the topics that I have barely seen discussed and don’t think that I have seen a thread of it so I decided to make one.

When does everyone think that we will hear some news about the beta, when it gets released?

Another Ultimate Edition? And when we will be able to pre-order.

How long will it take before we find out a release date and get more information, how long from now?

My prediction is that we will hear some more news in about 4 months, potentially about a beta. Also, pre-ordering will be available, info on the special edition(s) of the game and I reckon a beta will release a couple months after this.

Will we see previews aswell?


I would guess this is a fall 2019 game as that would be one of their big releases for that holiday. Beta probably in the spring of next year so they have enough time to fix things - although the game will have the same issues as the past if I had to guess.

I do see some kind of premium collector’s edition.

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I also believe it will release around October time again, and beta will be early on in 2019. they have definitely learnt from their mistakes from Gears 4.

I would think we’d hear news on the Beta, next year.
There prob won’t be another Ultimate Edition.
We might be able to Pre-Order around Summer, if the game comes out in Autumn or Fall.
I think we would get small information as months pass by.

I just hope that we are not left in the dark for too long, I’m also looking forward to the new Red Dead game and before recently there was huge gaps in between each piece of information and it got delayed by like 8 months aswell. Fingers Crossed!

Honestly, I would hope by Gears 4 mistakes were learned.

A big, and I mean big, thing I will look at is taunts. If they leave in those stupid taunts in mp I will probably forgo Gears for my first time ever. By taunts I mean those executions that take forever and are actually just taunting. And a huge reason is this. We play a match and we are winning by a lot. Then randomly 2 players on their team have 23 pings jumping to 500+ ONLY DURING COMBAT. The other 3 players have 7 or less kills round one. But these 2 players absorb bullets like some kind of spongey creature. Stick a torque bow, nope they survive. It is not just their bad ping because it was fine until we were close to winning round one. Then it would go from ~23 to outrageously high. And it only happens with certain players. And they love to taunt.

Enough on that though. I really hope they work very hard on the connection stuff and making Gears work great. Not confident yet going on the past Gears and Gears 4 recently. But if they can do that it is a day one purchase of 4 copies with digital and physical.

Even though there has been problems in the multiplayer, the Gears campaigns have never failed to impress.

I want Gears 2 Ultimate Edition so badly.

It was my favourite Gears Campaign.

I don’t know it we will see it though as this current year is the 10th Year and TC seem to have 3 other games on the go already.

Maybe a surprise in a coupe months time?

Beta I’m sure will happen.

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I doubt we will see another remaster until they are finished with this era of Gears, hopefully then we will see prequels as well as remasters to keep the franchise going.

I’d rather have the Remaster first - at least see Gears 2 before the One X retires for the next gen :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Maybe I doubt we will hear anything about another game until after Gears 5.

E3 next year and a November release date

For what?

Beta release and Gears 5 release

Yeah, it now looks to be after Gears 5…

Yeah, however I can see the beta happening earlier too like March / April.

We wont hear about the beta that late into the year at E3, it will definitely be within the first 4 months of the year, but you could be right and we could be wrong, I respect your estimate.

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Could hear about it earlier but we probably won’t see a release of the Beta until E3 or so?

Maybe, but personally I think that it will be sooner than E3, only because the earlier that is gets released, the more time they will have to improve and develop based on the results from the beta, but actually I think you may be right as well, because it was shown at E3 and release in the same year so they released the beta a few months before release, but it’s different now because we have to wait 1 year and half for Gears 5, so they might space it out a bit more since they have more time.

I just hope gears 5 have free for all one weapon tuning new game modes on both horde and multiplayer no remake maps batter servers

As far as we know from the stream last week, pre-orders will become available when they are set on a firm release date. At the moment they haven’t got a set date, but they know when they want to release it.

According to TC, a Beta is not currently in the works, and if the game was to have a similar release date, early October, I don’t think we will be seeing a Beta for sometime yet, as the beta for Gears 4 (ie. Pre-Alpha), was in the last two weeks of April, 5-6 months before the release of the full game.

Even if the game was hitting Spring 2019, I wouldn’t expect a beta for a couple of months yet.

I wouldn’t expect a firm release date until probably 2019. Anything before that is a bonus.

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