Gears 5 Best Buy Preorder Xbox One X Limited

Hey guys,

Microsoft store says Gears 5 UE is out on Thurs Sept 5 @ 8pm in my time zone (Central US)…my dilemma is I’m planning on pre-ordering the Gears 5 X1X Console @ BestBuy but it says earliest pickup day is Sept 6th @ opening (10am)? Why the discrepancy in times?

Will I not be able to come in on Thursday, 9/5 and retrieve my X1X and then set it up and wait till the night time to play Gears 5 at the official time?

It should be 9:00 pm or 21:00 for everyone. Don’t know how it can be 8 pm from your side.

It’s probably because the Xbox One X Edition has Physical Disc? Or it has a code to completely install full game.

It seems like the physical versions come and arrive the next day, since the release date for digital version is exactly 8 pm or 9 pm, in your own time zone. The delivery company or retailer probably won’t sell at night. I don’t know… unless they’re open night to midnight.

It shouldn’t be a big deal anyway if you collect the next day. It doesn’t seem like a hard dilemma or choice. You just come in next day when they’re open.

No he is correct.

It unlocks at 8:30pm for me which is 9pm in most of Australia for example.

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So I know Gamestop is going to be releasing the console on the 5th… Best Buy has a policy that is other places release a title early, they will follow suit… Just go into Best Buy on the 5th, tell them Gamestop is selling it early. They will call and follow and do the same… And that’s if they don’t do it anyways… Consoles typically have a setup time associated with them. So you can’t just plug it in and play… Gears 4 Xbox I remember getting the day before…