Gears 5 Benchmarks [RTX 3000 & AMD 6000]

Having secured a Nvidia/ASUS 3090 Strix OC,

Wanted to create a thread for performance related to these cards & AMDs next gen hardware to give a good picture of what to expect in terms of gaming performance.

AMDs cards from what I’ve seen will be offering, and possibly beating Nvidia’s 3080 & 3090.

So hopefully there’s stock and people can get a hold of them!

Feel free to post your benchmarks if you have a card or will be useful as & when they all release / are freely available.

I’m just waiting on my monitor which is due on Monday and then I can get started on mine!


I’d like to see the FPS you get in versus with the 3080 at 1440p.


Will be a good comparison to see and then 6800 XT is looking strong too!

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didn’t you make a post on reddit about giving up gaming for good?

Yeah. I wasn’t in a good place at the time. A lot was going on. Tough times, something I had to deal with. I left everything at the time.

But it’s the people that I miss.

It’s been 6 months, half a year, and I can now spend maybe 1-2 days a week, most weeks for a couple of hours or so, mostly just catching up with everyone.

Anyone who tried to play Gears 4 with me near the end knows that we didn’t always get to play, or we played very little, but I really enjoyed those chats while in party with everyone that was there.

Looking forward to that again.

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sorry to hear that, i hope things are looking up for you


A lot better thank you! :blush:


I will be getting the amd 6800 when it drops can’t wait to see the comparison from the dreaded rx 480 I been using as well as how it stands against the rtx 3000



That’s perfect, can get a good comparison going.

From the leaks, it looks like the 6800 will be ahead of the 3080 and even possibly the 3090.

Yeah but I’m curious about pricing lol will they stay below nvidia if they outperform them?
Also can’t seem to find anything definitive as to whether zen 3 is getting a new mobo lineup with x670 /b650 chipset Or strictly upgrades for the x570 line

I’m sure they’ll undercut Nvidia.

And should know more about the motherboards soon I would say.

Just got this chonk out!


Share your testing in MP please! :smiley:

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I will tomorrow as soon as I have my monitor so I can turn this on!

Monitor is due before 10:30am, so I imagine soon after that, I’ll be able to post!

I’ll be doing:

1080p / 1440p / 4K @ Ultra settings!

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I’m patiently waiting on my Aorus Xtreme. If I ever receive it I will post my bench marks. I’m 65 in the queue so about early 2022.

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I’m really interested in that one,

It has the MaxQ cooling,

Basically no gaps from the fans!

Can’t wait to see results of that! :raised_hands:

Yeah that’s the one. They have the master and Xtreme.

I also should be getting the 5900x on release. But will see as long as it doesn’t end up being scalped. Lol

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Oofff yeah, that’s going to be an amazing combination,

The Xtreme is a 4-slot behemoth!

And should be plenty of stock, I saw AMD’s launch plans get leaked and let’s just say, they seem to have it together compared to Nvidia :sweat_smile:

Got my fingers crossed for you!

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The beast is back!


Where are the benchmarks?