Gears 5 - Beast Mode?

Does anyone know if Beast Mode (from Gears 3) will ever come to gears 5? That was my most favourite game mode ever and I can’t even imagine how fun it would be to play as a sire and drag a poor ai cog soldier away from his team and rip his head off.

If this ever does become a thing, it would be cool to be able to play as an enemy while fighting not only against ai cog, but real people too! The one thing I didn’t like about gears 3 beast mode is how there was a timer to your fun, so instead of a timer a pool of lives would be a lot more enjoyable!

If anyone has any news or guesses if this will ever be added please let me know!


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Nope, it won’t.


Hi there. Welcome to the forums. This has been spoken about many times. So far there’s no news of it. Many people would like to see it return, like myself. Classic horde mode is coming back soon but will only be 12 waves.

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What is classic horde

No fabricator, no perks just a simple load out like good old days.

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I saw that they had that game mode instead of frenzy a few days ago, then when i went gack on they removed it, why?

It was a mistake by TC and was not meant to be out yet so they removed it. It’s due to come out later in the operation.

TC makes MANY, MANY mistakes.


Too many at this point, if I may say.

Why do you want to rip a poor cog gears head off??? What kind of fun is that to specifically ask for that???

I understand if you want beast mode to come back, everyone does including myself, but why specifically to rip peoples heads off??? Don’t you want to eat people as a pouncer or be a leech filled robot that explodes into leeches you control or to play as one of the bosses at the end of the game?

That would be cool if we could play as the bosses at the end against 30+ cog solders.

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And they never talk about future content, they simply release it by accident.


Beast gave gears 3 massive longevity. Why it has been ignored in subsequent releases is baffling. Instead we got escape which is awful.

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Would rather have overrun back.

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Still waiting…

I saw a few people spamming #Beastmode2.0 in the last dev stream :eyes:

Maybe its time to actually ask for it, if it gets enough attention and people want it no doubt we’d force TCs hand…

Just annoying because every single AI creature is playable right now… Just no mode.

if TC has no plans and hasn’t been working it then your looking a year of development time and a huge chunk of staff that need to be taken off of Gears 6.

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Yeah I’m intent on agreeing with you, and I feel it’s the longest long shot in the history of Thrashball long shots, but after the OPs seem to go one with very little content, one with a lot of content… I think it’s entered the realm of possibility in the slightest capacity. not for OP6/7 but like 9-10 if we get that many. Like a final big content drop before they move on to Gears 6 fully.

But I think it’d be more likely (and better) to see Overrun return than Beast 2.0.

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That would not be a problem if you have good friends.

Good friends and a good standard for video games to play.

Also you have to lead coggies for the AI not to suck. I play on all difficulties and if you don’t lead the AIs like a leader, then they perform poorly.