Gears 5 beast mode

When will beast mode return for gears 5!!??, I think all of us have been waiting patiently for the comeback of best mode.


During a Dev stream, the week of the Carmine release, they pretty much said it wasn’t going to happen.

We can only hope on Gears 6…


The swarm aren’t Interesting a varied enough to have a fun beast mode either, they would have to incorporate locust too which i dont think they would do, at least not until they at least add them to horde. So yeah beast is a no go, but who knows maybe in 6?

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The matriarch could be the new zerker. Beast has been missing far too long IMO.

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It is the new berserker

Then beast in 5 should have been an obvious inclusion.

Jack is unable to hijack it, but i got this thing below.

list of beast mode character similarities:
Wild Tickers - Juvies
Tickers - Poppers & Trackers
Wretches - Sires & Rejects
Locust variants - Swarm variants & DB variants
Butcher - Warden & ???
Mauler - Ice scion & guardians
Boomer variants - Scion Variants & DR-1 variants
Grinder - Scion mulcher & DR-1 variants
Kantus variants - ??? & bastions
Bloodmount - ??? & ???
Serapede - ??? & ???
Corpser - Pouncer & ???
Reaver - Snatcher & Kestrel
Berserker - Matriach & Mega mech
Leviathan - ??? & ???
Riftworm - Kraken & ???