Gears 5 Be Careful Master Horde trolls

Hi today i was playing a Master Horde with random people, everything was fine until two people left in wave 32, 5 minutes later two new people joined and they ruined everything
They spent all energy, moved the barriers and the Host couldn’t kick them because theirs gamertags didn’t show up in the ‘social’ menu
Host told me it’s an exploit that they use to trolling and ruin master horde games

Sorry for my bad English

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Yes. …they have joined your game and immediately blocked the host so they cannot be kicked. Unfortunately players have started using this “block” tactic to prevent being kicked by over zealous hosts in custom games. And I understand why. Kickings in custom are out of control.


Can’t call out gamertags.

And this exploit is now known for how long? Too long if you ask me.

TC should fix this asap. If you block the host then you can not join/play in host’s lobby. Very simple and effective


Please file a report so TC can take a look :slight_smile:

Calling out users on the forums is not allowed as we as volunteer mods have no way to determine events surrounding conflicts over xbox live.


There is an exploit that lets you kick out players who don’t show up on social tab.

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