Gears 5 Battle Royal Concenpt

I gave a bunch of ideas they could test and maybe add into the game, or bring to gears of war 6

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I had a post about this a while back. It would be cool to have some sort of hint map with multiple squads. Imagine in the locust hallow. If executed right it could be done

Use a segment of different maps during the story, or something. or design something completely different where we have a gears of war style BR which has locusts, and swarm playable characters, a brumak and other cog devices made by “DB industries”

No, no BR in Gears. Just…no

I assume these ideas are a flop?

No, they should focus on fixing what they have.

I don’t play the game because it lacks depth, Detail.

BR has no place in Gears

see you in two years when this thing finishes development.

why does this community keep asking for stuff that would take multiple years of development time and clearly isn’t in TC plans?

add it to Beast and Overrun modes that are never coming to this game. it’s time to realize this game is feature complete and the only thing we’re getting is Maps, skins, events. They’re busy with Gears 6.

I provided some good ideas they could use, when a game is released it’s a finished product? can’t have patch/updates put into the game to change animations, etc? Add weapons? Change the gameplay of the game?

the scale you’re suggesting would be a large undertaking. by the time this actually makes it out to players Gears 6 will be ready to launch.

they’re not taking the time out of making the next game to do BR, Beast or Overrun.

There’s a lot MORE they can do with the game for PvE/PvP, The Versus seems so basic - and I haven’t personally been interested in the PvE part of Gears, Isn’t it the typical CoG Fighting off 50 waves of mostly repeat of the same enemy’s over and over just randomized? Why couldn’t there be players that spawn in during the horde waves or something? add some depth into the next game?

this could have been a thing when the game launched but like a posted mentioned above, this games population has fallen off a cliff and it’s struggling to even fill Versus lobbies right now.

we also don’t know if a BR was already pitched, prototyped and canned already.

this game was in development during the flurry and massive rising popularity of BR games. it’s hard to imagine they didn’t discuss putting it into their game already.

There could be an amazing PvP concept with more of the gears of war engine, The beast riders, different locusts, mini bosses, brumaks, silverbacks? The population is low because it’s lacking detail and depth?