Gears 5 Battle Royal Concenpt

Would it be possible to add a 50 man Lobby in Gears 5 and make it like a battle Royal, with Mech suits and other Vehicles from the lore? with a true Gears of war vibe to it?

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We’ve had a Silverback in MP. It kinda just disrupts the flow of the game.

Vehicles and whatnot wouldn’t work well for Gears, and the issues it has in 8 player FFA matches at times, I don’t trust it to run 50 players, especially when like some 20-30 Juvies on an Xbox One lags to hell.

A Gears Battle Royal brand new stand alone game: don’t hold your breathe, but you never know. I’d be interested I can’t lie.

Gears Battle Royal Mode added to Gears 5: we don’t even have the population to get full 5v5 games in quickplay half the time.

The game would Strive if they started to work on a large scale map and throw in 10-15 teams of 5 or maybe even try 10-35 teams of 2-5,

Add Vehicles, equipment from the lore, make gameplay interesting and they should take a risk but make sure everything is polished and consistent, It would be interesting to see that large robot from the story put on the map by completing some mission or performing some task, or getting a kill streak? Maybe armor pick ups or other pickups? Bring back the digger, and sawed-off.

Having Multiple Silver Backs, or Maybe the tank or a vehicle from the lore there to balance gameplay out if there is that large robot on the map. Or maybe have a brumak a player can control, Bring Back the Gears of War feel, and allow more players in a game mode?

Make the movement Animation more fluid? Can the Wall sliding and cover system be improved? Add some weight and more realism to the movement, and how the character mounts to the cover, The hyper bounce makes the game look Silly in my opinion… Add more definition to the movement, We have our characters sprinting at people like they could spear them or tackle them,

Players running at someone being shot in the face by a Lancer/Hammerburst and not being slowed or Crippled? If the Player is Damaged, it should show by the players character being crippled in whatever area that’s being damaged? (being shot in the legs should cause the players character to limp or be slowed… due to being shot in the legs, Arms/chest will cause the player to lose accuracy or something?

Why don’t we have a command to be able to execute a take down or a melee combo or a melee attack if we’re close to a target instead of just using either a gnasher, chainshaw, boomshotting our feet, or shooting the gnasher then meleeing with a knife? Shooting then melee is like the old two piece, but way quicker.

IE a Spear? Or a Drop Kick? Something that enhances quality of the gameplay, and adds more to the game? No Hand to Hand combat?

Or control any of the flying locusts, etc. Or be a locust itself ? These guys have limitless options for the game and they’re not adding anything…?

Please add destructable objects, Pieces of Cover, Bullets, Explosives, Etc should be able to degrade objects/cover, or any structure on the map, Add more Detail to the Game and environment.

If there’s a boomshot being shot at a couch, the Couch should vanish, not just remaining there to permanently be a piece of cover? The weapon that locust wielded with two chainsaws, that weapon was part of the lore? couldn’t it be added to the game?

Gears of War 1 Mansion had pieces of cover that was destroyable on the upstairs level. A boomshot should be able to destroy walls, etc. Same with Nades, Drop Shot, Or even gnasher bullets, etc should chip away at different structures?

Would the servers be able to handle 50-75 players on a map? how much work would it take to design a map large enough to house all those players, etc?

“Weapon balance” Where everyone is not just running around with a Gnasher, Hyping bouncing- Add versatility?

Bring Back old bones, escalation, Fuel Depot, bullet marsh, Jacinto, Mansion, and the other Gears of war maps.

It could be very interesting if done correctly

What was said there :rofl::rofl::rofl:

People get kicked regularly from a 4v4 match. 50 people in one lobby on a bigger map lol.

You make it sound way more easier than it really is. Considering we’ve only ever had 3, drivable vehicles in the entirety of Gears’ history.

I hated the Centaur mission. And the Skiff is buggy as hell in Co-Op.

Being able to destroy objects in the map is something that should be present in every Gears game. The flying and mech warrior stuff would be okay for a PvE mode but heck no on PvP.

Should they ever transition into a battle royale mode they might as well rename the game to Fortgears or some rubbish. I like Gears the way it is.

No. This game struggles to cope with 8 people in a lobby, let alone 50,

End of discussion.

There’s an ‘e’ in “royale”.

They should still try to make it possible

We already have it.

It’s ffa.

No more players.

It works fine now.

8 Player cap? So having more then 8 players on a map would cause too much lag?

For being a Gears of war vet, I’d like to see larger maps and bring back multiple teams on the same map.

On normal PvP maps.

The original ffa maps had like 15 players.

The game has potential it’s not capitalizing on.

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I agree. 50 would never make a match though after the first year.

I enjoyed the original ffa.

30 player cap on the map? make different party size? IE Party of 2/3/4/5 or solo in a survival type concept for gears where we collect armor and other pieces of equipment? Or a solo game mode where we go out and explore and encounter players and AI/Computer? I only see four game modes, and I’m pretty burned out from playing the game modes and would like to see something new and different in Gears.

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Wouldn’t turn down something different.

The fact social went to 4v4 tells me numbers are way down though.