Gears 5 Ban for server disconnect

Me and my friend were playing ranked 2v2 gnashers when in the middle of a match we got a game wide disconnect from the server. This resulted in my friend recieving a competitive ban (which makes no sense) and to add to that I did not receive a ban at all. Has this happened to other people?

Yes, it happened to me last week, annoyed me so much it’s pretty much killed my drive to bother playing the game, if it counted as a quit on my stats I would of probably uninstalled it right there an then

The game should know the difference between someone quitting and the servers crapping out,

Funny enough it went just like it used to in the Gears 2 P2P when host rage quit about 20 secs before the game gave me the disconnect notice, I’m not even sure all matches are played on a server at this point, like if I “load” into the game first I have awesome matches, really feels like I have host some times