Gears 5 Baird and JD (spoilers)

Why did Baird turn his back at JD, I feel like they had some unresolved issues and the game never even gave Baird or Cole a comment on either Del’s or JD’s death

Presumably, they want to continue the personal conflicts between the two for character development in the next game. Otherwise, it’s just poor writing. Another reason adding the choice at the end was a mistake.


That stuff between JD and Baird is actually being hinted at in-game. Baird says it’s because of the Hammer incident in Act 1. JD even wants to talk to him when you return to the airport the first time. But Baird just says they’ll talk later. If you wait long enough you can get additional dialogue.


It really was a bad mistake to choose between the two


One things for sure Del is not coming back in Gears of war 6 campaign since JD’s death is just a what if scenario since many people have told me Del dying is the canon path.

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Told by whom?

Weird how TC would even give us the choice to then turn around and say no joke, Even though JD died in your game come g6 release he will be alive again?

Why give us a choice of being able to save Del if JD is the canon anyway? I just wish TC chose who to kill themselves tbh


Everyone forgets a possible scenario that Gears 5 was just a dream.

Kait may wake up still at New Hope at the start of 6.


How am I supposed to know who they were exactly? They gave me sources saying that Del dying is canon while JD dying is non canon, I’m not gonna remember a bunch of names from YouTube since there’s too many to count.

I doubt that very much

Doubt don’t change the possibilities.

Wow that would be a total mind ■■■■ by TC, plausible I guess.

Has that been confirmed by TC? Because it would seem really dumb to give the player the choice to choose who lives and who dies for them to just be like “We know you made this emotional choice in the previous game and we’re throwing that out the window.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a “Canon path” but it would seem kinda like a slap in the face to the player for them to ignore their choice. It would also cause more work and money for TC to bring back both characters for Gears 6 because they would need to pay voice actors and animators to make the character models and voice the characters for both JD and Del depending on what the player chose in the previous game.

My scenario would render the argument about canon mute. Makes more sense in a way than continuing the path we are on.

Lol some YouTuber he can’t remember who said it was canon. :joy::joy::joy:

Well for starters this game isn’t an RPG and as for the choice well games like Force unleashed 1 and 2 had the same thing but only one was the canon ending while the other was just a what if scenario.

I haven’t played the JD pathway yet but I know the DEL pathway - they don’t recover his body much like you never see Reyna’s body after G4 ends.

I’m well aware that Gears isn’t an RPG. But why give the player the choice if you’re just going to ignore it and do what you want anyways? May as well just had a cutscene where the player doesn’t get to choose and Del dies or JD dies.

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Way to twist my words around, I said multiple people not one person, learn to read next time.

I think it’s just speculation that JD surviving is canon, we won’t know more until g6 now.