Gears 5 available for 27€ / 30$ After 2 plus months...?

The terminator pack costs 20€ if I am not mistaken? Are you telling me skins are worth more than the game?

Gears 5 28€

Welcome to Gears TC style


its a new era of game industry in which the color of the lancers cost more that the game itself…



I am not a fan of their style. I really hope they’ve learned their lesson

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That’s the trend for most games and it’s best not to buy day one as they will be at discount within a few months.


I didn’t buy the game, I got it with the game pass which was such a good deal for 2 $. I reckon it will be even cheaper with Christmas around the corner. I don’t know the deal with exclusive titles but they really made some bad decisions. All that is left for them is to charge people for skins at way too high prices.

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Are the a reputable seller, though? (Nebraska native, so I don’t know what that site’s reputation is). I mean, I’ve seen CDkeys com sell for that low, but that’s par for the course for a lot of these types of sites that sell big name, relatively new games.

Yes they are a legit site in Belgium and the Netherlands, I ve only made one purchase but I received my code very quick. It says they buy at bulk prices, that’s why they can sell at low prices.

… yes, they buy at “bulk prices” with stolen credit card numbers and hacked PayPal accounts. It’s quite a big discount. Let’s not pretend that key resellers reflect the “actual” price of the game.

I didn’t buy the game yet because I have Ultimate Game Pass until April but maybe I’ll buy now

About as legit as G2A probably.

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The MP should have been free
With the campaign as paid for content
(Like the former developers greatest hit…)
Tough to take at first but expectations could have been managed
Game pass sorta made it like that but I would have been major butt sorry if I’d have paid for Gears 5
After the Gears 4 ultimate edition underwhelming - I learnt my lesson


You can pick up gears 5 on for 27 Euro. I’ve used them for years without issue.

G2A is user sold keys, cdkeys sell keys directly to the consumer.

That’s just one example of a place selling it cheap


Gears 5 is £22.99 CD Keys.

They have a Gears 5 bundle of GOW UE, GOW 2, GOW 3, GOW 4 and Gears 5 for £24.99

So, for £24.99 you could have that or say, the Terminator Pack with some Iron…

oh dear.


CD Keys is legit, been using them for years mate.


Damn I just checked it, that is just insane that they even included g5 to the list for that price.

“They buy at bulk with stolen credit cards and hacked PayPal accounts”…

Biggest pile of BS I’ve heard since TC said they weren’t putting microtransactions into Gears 5! Care to offer up any proof of what you are saying??? I have used for several years for game purchases, season passes and xbox live gold. They are totally legit!


When did TC ever say this?

I think he was being sarcastic