Gears 5 Aug 26 Anniversary (Bumble) Bundle

AUG 26, 2020


It was almost one year ago that Gears 5 came out and to celebrate we were planning a surprise character drop.

And then Tuesday happened…

The good news is our mistake is your benefit. Head to the store tomorrow to pick up E-Day Minh, Armored Sam and Uzil Sraak for 250 Iron or 2,000 Coins each. And for those of you quick enough to purchase these characters yesterday, make sure to check your inventory.

We’re also rolling out our Gears 5 Anniversary (Bumble) Bundle – 1,800 Iron.

  • E-Day Minh
  • Armored Sam
  • Uzil Sraak
  • Collector’s Minh
  • V-Day Sam
  • Collector’s Sraak
  • Equalizer weapon set
  • Minh banner
  • Sam banner
  • Sraak banner
  • Deadweight bloodspray
  • Bodied bloodspray

Happy early anniversary everyone!


For my next wedding anniversary I’m going to charge my wife for the dinner and gift.

Can’t believe I didn’t think about making money off a celebration before :woman_facepalming:.


To be fair, everything else would have been a huge surprise. Something for free? Not on Gears 5 folks! I understand that there has to be content you have to pay for, but on Gears 5 you pay for literally everything that comes in a pack. Even when it drops as a “surprise” to celebrate (almost) one year of Gears 5. Happy Anniversary everyone! The worst is yet to come!


At least Gears POP! gave coins and crystals for free celebrating 1 year…

I was expecting free boost or a double exp week


Now bring back the old Chrome Steel skins and I might actually care


Welcome Op to the community,big thanks for the info,looking forward to this bundle ,happy anniversary to everyone and TC

I dont find them on the market…

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The store hasnt refreshed yet, it will be available in the next few hours.

V-Day Sam and Collector’s Minh better not be permanently exclusive to the bundle. It should be available as a option to buy in the store alongside the regular skins


It won’t be for a while according to Dana


lmao broooooo

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Disgusting price!! I saw the pack yesterday an thought erm i might buy this but then i actually saw what was in the pack an just thought man what a total rip off!!!
Why not include ronin khan in it? Why not include free gold coins in it why not give us 30 days boost? 1800 iron for characters no one really cares for an some really poor skins is just nothing but a robbing money making scheme!! Your game as been broke for a year an you have hardly brought out any NEW maps for a year an you expect us to CELEBRATE a year anniversary with spending money? The audacity an down right cheek of TC at this point is beyond repair!! Old characters an some poor skins for 1800 iron its one big joke!!!

Guys, the skins are for free. All you have todo is play the game and earn coins. I don’t understand all the rage regarding having too pay unless I missed something.

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What you missed is that everyone only wants V- Day Sam, but you can’t get her with coins yet.


Exactly, so why do we need an artifical outrage everytime store-items release for Iron/Money-only?

People are impatient. I don’t get it either.

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Ohh fair enough, so have too wait I take it.

They say patience is a virtue.

Thanks for updating my dinosaur bottom.

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